The Celestial Tournament only held one item of interest for Cool but it wasn’t high on his list of priorities. Even so, he wanted the pet so I’ve been helping him out with a lot of my duplicates and recommending which DMF pets to buy. By the time he worked his way up the tamer circuit and successfully challenged Aki, he was well on his way to collecting the last Pandaren Spirit (after giving him the other three).

Cool pet battles

Until now, he’s been a pretty casual battler so when he seemed more interested in giving the Tournament a go, I felt up to the challenge. At the time, he had already levelled 10 pets so I created a spreadsheet with the teams and pets I recommended for each opponent. This helped me determine what he still needed to capture and level while I focussed on pets he already had as opposed to a replica of the teams I used in the past.

With a pretty low tolerance for pet battling, I told him which wild pets to collect while buying any cheap ones from the AH. The Menagerie Custodian was the only one we had to farm when I noticed its ridiculous sell price. Considering how easy it is to farm, I wondered how many they actually sold back then. Coolidge managed to get it on his second run through Kara which worked out as four runs between us.

Cool pet battle storm

With his limited playtime, I helped power-level a number of pets while he worked on levelling his own every few days. At times he would say it was “too much trouble” but after teaching him my tamer circuit, it became easier and easier.

At times he seemed to enjoy the experience, especially when the match went particularly well or with a nicely timed crit but most of the time it was hard to keep him motivated. On a bad day, he would remind me that he had “all expansion to do it” and was too much trouble for just one pet but this is the pinnacle of pet battling. It’s supposed to be hard or at least a challenge.

This was probably six months ago now.

Fast forward to the present where we finished levelling his last three pets for the tournament. I have to say, it was a nice surprise when he asked for “[my] help with one of my favourite activities in the game”, coaching him through my first four tamer battles. Now if he was going to complete the tournament in any given week, I would hope it was the following trio with Mari, Blingtron and Kiryn – particularly that last fight.

Winning the tournament meant one thing – little Zao.


Being a tank, it was really a no-brainer.

Pet Tamers – Draenor

Pet Tamers – Draenor

Before you can battle these six trainers of Draenor, make sure you have the experience of beating all the previous trainers under your belt. In addition to the challenges from the Pet Menagerie, these seasoned trainers offer an alternate route to level some pets.



East of Grom’gar, Frostfire Ridge

Wolfus (Beast) Bite, Call the Pack, Prowl

Fangra (Beast) Flurry, Dodge, Dazzling Dance

Wolfgar (Beast) Rip, Howl, Maul



overlooking Embari Village, Shadowmoon Valley

Pixiebell (Magic) Arcane Blast, Moonfire, Life Exchange

Doodle (Plushie) Rawr!, Who’s The Best…, Nap Time

Tally (Dragonkin) Hore Gore, Stampede, Headbutt



South side of Auchindoun, Taladar

Serendipity (Flying) Feedback, Cocoon Strike, Counterspell

Grace (Flying) Slicing Wind, Call Lightning, Moth Dust

Atonement (Flying) Alpha Strike, Nimbus, Moth Balls



Veil Terokk, Spires of Arak

Darkwing (Flying) Shadow Talon, Consume Corpse, Anzu’s Blessing

Great Kaliri (Flying) Quills, Caw, Slicing Winds

Apexian Construct (Mechanical) Batter, Entangling Roots, Feathered Frenzy


Tarr the Terrible

right next to the Ring of Trials pit, Nagrand

Gladiator Deathy (Humanoid) Deep Breath, Clobber, Scorched Earth

Gladiator Murkalot (Humanoid) Punish, Falling Murloc, Shieldstorm

Gladiator Murkimus (Humanoid) Punch, Counterstrike, Heroic Leap

Cymre Jones trainer

Cymre Brightblade

Overlook Ruins, Gorgrond

Idol of Decay Dark Rebirth, Swarm of Flies, Rot

Wishbright Lantern Arcane Blast, Illuminate, Wish

Gyrexle, the Eternal Mechanic Launch Rocket, Railgun, Repair

Each daily will reward 4x Pet Charms and some gold. I especially liked the priest-themed trainer in Talador and the adorable fey dragon in Shadowmoon Valley. The Elekk will also help ease the levelling process each day.

It’s exciting to reveal my NPC is just one of the Grand Master Pet Tamers for Draenor. She may have changed since she first appeared in-game but her team proved quite challenging.

See You in Gorgrond

See You in Gorgrond

After a certain tweet about a name change to my NPC yesterday, I was looking to see if my character’s name had changed on WoWHead and was so excited to see a pinned location in Gorgrond. OMG! I had to log in and see her for myself. The good news is, she’s pretty close to Beastwatch – your outpost location for the zone. From there, all you have to do is head southeast to the Overlook Ruins.

Cymre Brightblade feature

When you talk to her, she says:

This land is rich with treasure and adventure, and I’m not going to miss any of it.

However, I could spare some time to show you a few of my artifacts in action, if you prove yourself. Come back when you’ve mastered the pets of Draenor.

<This battle pet trainer requires a level three Pet Menagerie in your garrison>

Whoa, a level three menagerie requires the following:

  • Town Hall (Level 3) – which is only available at max level
  • Draenic Pet Battler – Win 1000 pet battles in Draenor to obtain the Level 3 menagerie blueprint

Edit: It seems this will change in the next build:

I love the fact that her pets are just pottering around and she even has a tent, some archaeology tools and artifacts lying around. It makes me wonder what her speech options will be though.

Her team consists of a mechanical, undead and magic pet, just like the archaeology and enchanting lookalikes but even though the lantern threw me at first, it seems to be a unique archaeological find of mine, err hers.

Gyrexle, the Eternal MechanicLaunch Rocket, Railgun, Repair
Idol of DecayDark Rebirth, Swarm of Flies, Rot
Wishbright LanternArcane Blast, Illuminate, Wish

Looks like a pretty nasty team but I’m up for the challenge. How about you?

Any of this could change before the release but in the meantime, check out the video.

Pet Menagerie

To unlock the Pet Menagerie, you will need to defeat three rare pests located around your garrison for the quest Pets vs Pests. This will allow you to battle a series of  round robin challengers each day. Winning 1,000 pet battles in Draenor will reward the level 3 blueprint.

Pets vs Pests

Gorfu Gorefu (Aquatic)
Deep Bite, Mudslide, Feed
Carrotus Maximus Carrotus Maximus (Elemental)
Ironbark, Aged Yolk, Leech Seed
Gnawface Gnawface (Critter)
Sneaky Bite, Crouch, Call Darkness

The daily challenges are account-wide and currently reward 15x Pet Charms. This new form of currency may be used to purchase the usual upgrade stones, pet treats, bandages and pug costumes from the Menagerie NPC. In addition to this, a new levelling-stone will add 1 level to any pet.

Challenge Post

Squirt Deebs (Magic) Blast of Hatred, Weakness, Bone Prison

Tyri (Humanoid) Omnislash, Call Darkness, Surge of Light

Puzzle (Humanoid) Coin Toss, Dodge, Portal

Blingtron 4999b Roboflauge – This team takes damage as if they were Critter pets.

Blingtron 4999b (Mechanical) Club, Batter, Armageddon

Protectron 022481 (Mechanical) Metal Fist, Reflective Shield, Ion Cannon

Protectron 011803 (Mechanical) Metal Fist, Reflective Shield, Ion Cannon

Manos Manos (Magic) Arcane Storm, Mana Surge, Arcane Slash

Hanos (Magic) Sneak Attack, Flash, Invisibility

Fatos (Magic) Seethe, Forboding Curse, Arcane Slash

Mr-Terrible Mr. Terrible (Elemental) Weakening Blow, Spiked Skin, Love Potion

Carroteye (Elemental) Ironbark, Aged Yolk, Leech Seed

Sloppus (Magic) Absorb, Chew, Stench

Rockbiter Rockbiter (Humanoid) Bite, Nature’s Ward, Burrow

Stonechewer (Humanoid) Shell Armour, Body Slam, Punch

Acidtooth (Humanoid) Acid Touch, Punch, Spiny Carapace

Grumbles Scrags Stings Grubbles (Critter) Flank, Adrenaline Swarm, Sticky Goo

Scrags (Beast) Clobber, Takedown, Ravage

Stings (Flying) Barbed Stinger, Focus, Puncture Wound

Jahan Birds of a feather – These birds make the winds blow in everyone’s favor. Critical strike chance increased by 50%.

Jahan (Flying) Savage Talon, Arcane Storm, Tail Sweep

Samm (Flying) Slicing Wind, Rain Dance, Predatory Strike

Archimedes (Flying) Quills, Eyeblast, Wild Magic

elementals Tris (Elemental) Acid Rain, Renewing Mists, Pump

Fiero (Elemental) Burn, Flame Jet, Cataclysm

Kromli Kromli (Humanoid) Comeback, Rupture, Dreadful Breath

Gromli (Humanoid) Crush, Stoneskin, Haymaker

Brutus Hearty Meal: Due to some unusual eating habits, this team restores 66 health per round.

Brutus (Beast) Horn Gore, Winter Spirit, Pig Out

Rukus (Beast) Bite, Hunting Party, Bloodfang

Queen-Floret Queen Floret (Elemental) Club, Fist of the Forest, Righteous Inspiration

King Floret (Beast) Punch, Fist of the Forest, Righteous Inspiration

Beakinator The Beakinator (Flying) Alpha Strike, Wind-Up, Heartbroken
Stitches Jr Iron Thread: Reduces up to 138 damage from every attack against Stitches.

Stitches Jr. (Undead) Cleave, Enrage, Infected Claw

Eleanor Unnatural Appetite – This goat will eat anything. She restores 169 health whenever she deals damage.

Eleanor (Undead) Chomp, Rot, Death Bleat

Quintessence-of-Light Quintessence of Light (Flying) Fire Quills, Cauterize, Heat Up

A number of these fights are quite fun. As usual, you can check out my strategies on YouTube.

Treasure Goblin’s Pack

Treasure Goblin’s Pack

The Treasure Goblin was added as part of the Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls Collector‘s or Digital Edition. I had a chance to collect mine from the in-game mail earlier along with the following letter:

From the writings of Abd Al-Hazir:

“Some devious little goblins have been
robbing our merchants! When pursued,
they simply open portals and disappear
with a most aggravating chuckle. The
peasantry seem to believe that the
Goblins serve a great demon lord
known as Greed and furthermore, that
their portals lead to Greed’s domain! A
ludicrous notion, truly.”

Watch your coin purse, adventurer.

Treasure Goblin

I wasn’t sure what to expect from his abilities or animations but when you summon him, you can hear gold jingling. He will also throw handfuls of gold every now and then (which can’t be picked up) and got a real kick out of his death animation. It’s just what you’d expect if you’ve killed one in D3 (as seen towards the end of the video).

As usual, you can see all his abilities (Coin Toss, Wild Magic, Dodge, Magic Sword, Sear Magic and Portal) over my usual circuit of tamers in Pandaria. I forgot to change one of my teams during the Flowing battle but it still worked out – the result of not levelling any pets for several weeks, I guess.

Having both Wild Magic and Dodge seems pretty OP (especially during that one fight) but if you don’t mind his constant cackle, he’s a pretty fun pet to have around.

Just remember, keep and eye on your coin purse.



Just look at what I found in my mailbox today, Murkalot’s Flail was waiting with the accompanying Feat of Strength. Not surprisingly, I spent the next hour levelling him up but not before I used a Celestial Coin to buy a Pet Treat from Master Li. These days I do up to six tamers and spirits (whenever I’m in the mood to level a pet) but today I only needed five.


Murkalot has some really cool animations although I didn’t see him in person until I was standing in front of Aki. Generally my usual circuit follows this route – Aki > Nishi > Flowing > Shu > Burning > Yon.

With the pet treat I didn’t need to battle Yon so once he was fully levelled, I took him out to see what other things he could do. You can check all the animations and battle highlights in the video.

Now how cool is that?

I wonder if this will convince anyone to buy a virtual ticket now? :)

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