Pet Battle System




Just look at what I found in my mailbox today, Murkalot’s Flail was waiting with the accompanying Feat of Strength. Not surprisingly, I spent the next hour levelling him up but not before I used a Celestial Coin to buy a Pet Treat from Master Li. These days I do up to six tamers and spirits (whenever I’m in the mood to level a pet) but today I only needed five.


Murkalot has some really cool animations although I didn’t see him in person until I was standing in front of Aki. Generally my usual circuit follows this route – Aki > Nishi > Flowing > Shu > Burning > Yon.

With the pet treat I didn’t need to battle Yon so once he was fully levelled, I took him out to see what other things he could do. You can check all the animations and battle highlights in the video.

Now how cool is that?

I wonder if this will convince anyone to buy a virtual ticket now? :)


Cooking up a Rascal


Fifteen days after creating my Sky-Golem, I now have two more pets to show for it. Cool started work on one while I started building up another 15x Peculiar Energy Sources for the other. However, I didn’t realise that we only had 20 Living Steels in the Guild Bank meaning I would be short 10 to make mine today. I had a lot of Spirits saved on my hunter so I traded them in for trillium ore. Unfortunately, I didn’t have any on my alchemist for Riddle of Steel transmutes so I did the only thing left – a regular transmute.

Cool helped with the remaining ones so I had all the Living Steel I needed. After making my last Energy Source this morning, the set was complete.


I had an opportunity to try them out on my PTR so I was looking forward to seeing them in action.


Siege, Celestials and Ordos


Yesterday I was looking up the loot from Downfall (the last section of SoO) and was amazed at the number of items worth rolling on. It seems that I’ll be using all three rolls for the last three bosses as they not only drop nice loot but a couple of bosses drop pets as well. Maybe I’ll even get lucky with a pet drop just like Cool last week.


Last night I completed the Celestial Tournament possibly for the final time as I collected my last celestial pet. Chi-Chi was the last one I chose after trialling one on the PTR so I wasn’t in a rush to collect one this time around.


Now If only I could get another Ordos kill. I’ve only managed to kill him twice so far and walked away sans loot. Hopefully that will change in the near future. Luckily for Navi, it did just that.

For those still looking at submitting a YouTube intro, you still have a few days to get your entry in. There will be a few choices for the winning video so what are you waiting for?

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