Video Goodness

The trailer to the Siege of Orgrimmar was just released last night but I’ve only just watched it. It’s a great prelude to what we’ll be seeing very soon as the new patch is released. Cool always tells me to be quiet during these videos but sometimes I can’t quite help myself. :P

Speaking of which, if you haven’t seen the The Burdens of Shaohao series below, be sure to watch it. It’s EPIC!

Notes Post Patch 5.2

So many things to do and no clones to do them. Oh well, I think I still did ok.

First off, we headed out to the Isle of Thunder, meeting up with Lor’themar and completing our dailies. We managed to kill one of the rares as well as summon up something. I was a little surprised to find both of the two new JC recipes from quest mobs though.

I also managed to locate and capture all four wild pets on the Isle, even though two had phasing issues but you’ll find the ‘Interact with target’ works a treat or ‘click to move’ once you locate one just outside the border of the area. One of the battles scored me a Flawless Battle-Stone as well.

Saurok illusion

One thing had me stumped though and that was taking over the farm. To begin, head over to Nana Mudclaw to pick up her quest – Inherit the Earth. Basically she wants Yoon to take her place on the Tillers council so you pass along her message. Once that’s done you can turn the quest in to Nana and head back to your farmhouse to find the Farmer’s Journal on the floor. This will allow you to set your hearth there (if you wish) but the house already acts as an inn (once you’re exalted with the Tillers and have all 16 plots available). You’ll also notice the mailbox name has changed (I think it should say Cymre’s Mailbox though).


The Beasts of Fable questline took a lot longer than I had anticipated to compile since I was doing the quest as I was writing it up so I really took my time with it. The Red Panda pet is so cute, just look at that face! I only hope the other three pets won’t be so hard to come by. However, I suspect they will be from previous experience.

Red Panda

In other news, due to the patch happening overnight, I missed out on doing my daily battle with Jeremy ‘the Weasel’ Feasel. When I caught up with him today, he still had no eye for me. I even did a few of the dailies at the Faire to try for the new hats but nada!

Galleon showed up later in the Valley so I managed to snag another kill and fished up some Golden Carp for a fishing quest. I even looted one of the bonus fish that Nat Pagle likes and helped fish up Krakkanon but he only dropped a stack of the local fish for me so I probably won’t do that again.


So how did your day fare? I hope it was eventful :)

A Daily Routine

We don’t get many Guild achievements so I was surprised when A Daily Routine finally popped after turning in one of my Golden Lotus Dailies. As a reward, you get the Battle Standard of Coordination which should come in handy for the new rep grind.

A Daily Routine

That’s a lot of dailies

I also nudged Cool to get his Roll Club achievement while the daily was up so I was happy to see he did after a few tries.

The other day I was excited to get Survival Ring of Flames done on my hunter without even trying that hard (having done it on Cymre sometime earlier). It was quite funny seeing my grub doing somersaults though. One of the few memories I’ll have while I still had one; although a random comment I received while doing a recent event boss comes to mind when he said “OMG! Why that pet?” I was quite amused at the time.

Why? Well why not?


Then today, while doing the dailies on my hunter, I became sidetracked when I spotted one of Portent‘s tracks leading back towards the ruins. So I took a detour as there was one last colour I had yet to see in the wild – red.


Woot! I now have all four in my collection (although not in my stable). I had tamed the blue and green that first night, but then decided to tame the organic looking one in the water as part of the Golden Lotus chain.

Quilen-Thunder King

That was later replaced by the purple version but when I saw this red one today, I was tempted to tame it too. It’s sad to think I’ve had to abandon a lot of pets already to house all the new ones I’ve accumulated since Mists went live.

Really Blizz, WTB more stable slots but how many would really be enough?

In Uldum, the same thing happened while camping Madexx a long time ago. I had the red and black one tamed while I longed to see the blue and green one, which I eventually did see (and tame). Sadly, I don’t have images of all the colour variants though.

Lastly, I’ve decided to just do the Golden Lotus dailies on Cym since Skyshards will now be Bind on Account after tonight. Whoo hoo!

Now to wait until the Patch goes live… what will you do first when you log in tomorrow? I suspect mine will be pet related :)

Spring Cleaning

With less than a day to go before the expansion goes live, it’s time to do some spring cleaning. The beta has been purged from my system after five months of testing, blogging and research. Tonight I spent quite a while going through my bank, bags and Guild bank to see how much space I could gain once the levelling starts. The good news is, I gained quite a bit from items I wouldn’t miss too terribly.


There are so many ways to go once that countdown hits zero. I could do the introductory quest in Org to head out to Pandaria, level a Panda though the starting zone, work on my professions or begin pet battling. Blizzard has stated that you won’t even need to log out as you’ve had to previously so wherever you are in the world, you’ll get the introductory quest to start you on your way as well as the XP bar. At least that’s the plan, according to GC *fingers crossed right? For me though, I plan on waiting a bit before I head to Pandaria, at least until things die down a bit.

So with Mists of Pandaria going live in less than 18hrs now, what kind of last minute preparations are you doing for release and what do you plan to do once it’s live?

Whatever you decide, I’ll see you in Pandaria :)

Theramore’s Fall

Last night it was revealed that Theramore’s Fall – one of the new scenarios – would be released a day early. The scenario is available to level 85 players for the whole week leading up to the release of Mists of Pandaria. To be eligible to queue, you’ll need to cover the 353 ilevel requirement. At level 90, it will become available again as one of many scenarios but you’ll need an ilevel of 425.

Turn the tide of the failed assault on Theramore and claim her riches! For the Horde!

Garrosh’s siege on Theramore Isle – the strongest Alliance bastion remaining on Kalimdor – has failed!

…or has it?

In the dead of night, as Theramore’s defenders huddle within their walls, a small team of capable veterans infiltrates the island, making their way amongst the docked warships of the 7th Fleet.

Their mission: To throw the Alliance forces into chaos while the Warchief’s army regroups.

Burn their ships. Butcher their flight master. Sabotage their war machines. And rescue the captured Horde spy!

Taken from the Official website

As with other scenarios, this is something like a mini-dungeon which only requires three players. Much like Diablo’s playstyle, you won’t need the typical three roles as you do with other setups. The damage is not that intense so we were able to easily go through as both our main specs (tank-heals) and off-spec (ret-shadow). Not surprisingly, it was faster going in with three DPS but the queue was longer.

Scenarios were designed for quest and dungeon geared players levelling through Pandaria so people in DS gear will find the scenario easy. However, Blizz has since hotfixed the mobs so it will be a bit more challenging.

When you first enter, you’ll automatically progress through the scenario with no need to pick up any quests.

The objectives for Horde are:

  • To the Waterline! – Rig powder barrels on all six ships.
  • The Blastmaster – Inform Blastmaster Sparkfuse of your success.
  • Gryphon, Down – Slay Baldruc and his gryphons.
  • Tanks for Nothing! – Destroy Big Bessa and sabotage any unmanned tanks.
  • Fly, Spy! – Slay Hedric Evencane and free Thalen Songweaver from Foothold Citadel.

Thalen Songweaver

Thalen Songweaver

Thalen Songweaver

Thalen Songweaver

This is the cutscene we’re shown at the end of our scenario but for Alliance, this is where their scenario begins. If you fly out to Theramore having done Theramore Falls, this is how it will look. For those who haven’t, it will look as normal. This post effect will only be seen until Mists goes live but will become a permanent change at a future date.

When you complete the scenario for the first time, you’ll receive a Feat of Strength for participating at level 85 – Theramore’s Fall. Thalen Songweaver will also send you a Mini Mana Bomb in the mail as a token of gratitude.

The Bag of Spoils has a chance to contain a piece of loot or some Horde Fireworks. I was lucky to receive an epic item in both my Priest and Hunter bags. On the second and third try for Cymre though, I received only fireworks. Coolidge received the helm on his second try.

Be aware that the gear and rewards from this 85 version are only available now. The 90 version will have standard scenario rewards (Valour and a chance at a dungeon blue).

Horde Fireworks

Horde Fireworks

As someone who’s done several of the other scenarios, I’m not surprised by how short this encounter is. But if you’re expecting this to be the pre-event like the Scourge Invasion, then you’re going to be disappointed. Blizzard themselves have already stated that this wasn’t supposed to be the world event so let’s wait and see what they have in mind over the coming days.

As a bit of hijinks, I told Cool that I wanted to check out Jaina since we didn’t have any interaction with her during the encounter.

I found her talking to Rhonin and Kalecgos at the bottom of the tower. Cool dared to me to see how close I could get. The things I do for a good shot. Only Jaina was hostile while her two companions were neutral. Although all three had no trouble forcing me into a horizontal position.

Theramore trio

Once there I was in a great position to watch the next part of the show – Cool saying Hi to the trio.

Cool vs Teramore trio

Cool dies

At this point, it may have looked like Cool was lying down on the job but I think the next shot explains it perfectly.

Cool dead - shocked expression

I think he may have died of shock

Just look at that expression!

Game Glitches

In all the years I’ve been playing WoW, there have been many in-game glitches. Some are quite amusing, while others result in some really good “What The” moments. I’ll admit it’s more common to find them just after a big patch and not just because your Addons need updating. I recall riding through Arathi Highlands the day after a big patch hit only to find raining Kodos and other wildlife.

There’s the standard too far away error text when you’re supposedly too far way to loot something even though you’re standing right on top of the mob or when you change your view one smidgen to the left or right and suddenly you’re outside of the dungeon/raid (this happened to me when I stood on the RHS of the Blood Queen’s chamber in ICC). Perhaps you need to talk to an NPC or something and they are classified as ‘Unknown’ So many bugs so little time…

So here’s a collection of some of the bugs I have caught in-game. I used to have more than these but over the years the collection has dwindled.

This particular Harpy died in a very peculiar position.

Have you ever gone to preview something only to see something like this?

How about logging in only to find a room full of naked people?

I guess that’ll teach Huga not to pounce at Alliance in AV as he became stuck in the snow.

Questing in Un’Goro, Coolidge was stuck mid cast like some funny BE statue.

Coolidge tries to kill me not once but twice…

Ok, I admit this one isn’t really a game glitch, but it was too amusing not to add.

My all-time favourite “What the” screenshot taken from one of Coolidge’s character screens. From what he told me, only Huga was buggy. All I can say is Teenage Mutant Ninja Huga :P

The last two pics always make me giggle :)

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