Still Waiting

Another month has passed and I can honestly say that I’ve spent far too much time collecting those items on the Timeless Isle. I guess you could say I’m a glutton of punishment so I’ll probably keep going until it’s done, whenever that is. Hopefully before the next expansion hits. If only I were joking.

After five weeks, I’ve only been able to knock off two more items from the list. The grub from Gu’chi (which I collected on an alt so didn’t count) and Captain Zvezdan’s Lost Leg, a drop from Rattleskew.

 Captain Zvezdan’s Lost Leg

Now since I don’t need to farm Emperor Shaohao rep any more, it’s one less detour I need to worry about.

Here’s what remains.

and one last battle pet – the Spineclaw Crab which drops from the Monstrous Spineclaw. =/

I may end up like these guys in Conan’s Crypt

Conan's Crypt sitting

On a positive note, I have noticed something new since my Spelurk video. Mushroom stools and Fishing chairs also work!

My Search Continues

After two months I still find myself running around the Timeless Isle a lot. Sadly, there have only been three new additions to my list of collectables so I’m hoping to see another one very soon.

Rain Stone

Here’s where I stand right now.

Jadefire Spirit

New battle pets:

At least my pet drops are almost complete although I’ve only seen the crab three times.

By the way, I managed to complete the first section of SoS on my hunter last night, scoring a pair of shoulders and crossbow, isn’t my new weapon cute?


Well, here’s to the remaining fifteen items. How is your collection going?

Flaming Skies

When I logged on this afternoon, Cool asked if I had any wrapping paper. I told him I didn’t but knew where you could buy some so he asked me to pick some up before I headed out to meet him.

“You’re not going to get me to buy my own wrapping paper, give it to you, just so you can give it back to me as a present are you?” His response “I have to get you to work for it.”

Oh really…

I suspected I knew what it was and was right! I wasn’t having any luck with the Gulp Droplet since Bufo dies so damn fast making this a great gift.

Gulp Droplet

A few days earlier I looted the Blackflame Daggers from one of the Champions of the Black Flame. It’s a nice item which replaces whatever you’re using with these two daggers.

Blackflame Daggers

My latest toy is Falling Flame, the notable drop from Cinderfall. I heard people talking about how fun this item was so I was looking forward to seeing it for myself. As soon as I finished my daily, I headed to the edge of Ordon Sanctuary to try it. I wasn’t sure what to expect…

Next time I’ll send a postcard.

The Art of Geyser Jumping

A few days ago, I saw the Shado-Pan Geyser Gun making the rounds across several blogs starting from Rades, then Navi and a couple of others. The hardest thing for me was to queue for an LFR and then wait for the queue to the Forgotten Depths to pop (if you don’t have access to a raid lock). Luckily for me, I zoned in on the way to Ji-Kun so I just had to wait for a kill. From there you can use a feather to go through the red portal above you. This will take you back to the bottom of the drain. After that you will need to work your way back to Tortos’ room so you can access the geysers on the top platform. Don’t worry, it’s easy to make your way back by using several geysers – one as you first step through the portal and a couple at the end of Tortos’ room.


This is where the fun begins… or angst depending on how good you are at geyser-jumping. The trick is to turn your body in the direction you want to be shot or you may end up overshooting the platform and lose your stacks entirely. You will have a couple of seconds to readjust your position between each jump and I was able to use my speed boost with body and soul if I felt the need.  The aim is to jump from geyser to geyser while maintaining your stacks of Spray Water until you reach the maximum of 250.


As you progress, your body will start to glow:

25 = left foot
50 = right foot
100 = left hand
175 = right hand
250 = full body starts glowing and pulses every few secs with snowflakes falling from your body

It’s too bad there’s no achievement when you reach the maximum number of stacks but at least you get the gun in the mail. Here’s the letter you receive with it.

Hello Thunder-Delver!

The Shado-Pan have been watching your
progress through Lei Shen’s Throne of
Thunder and were astounded by your
ninja-like geyser-jumping abilities in the
Forgotten Depths.

We are working on weaponizing geyser
technology in an attempt to turn Lei
Shen’s thunderous powers against him.
I’ve included a prototype modification
of the Shado-Pan Dragon Gun. It just
seems fair that you be the first to use it!

–Taoshi of the Shado-Pan

Shado-Pan Geyser Gun

So if you plan to pick this up, allocate at least 15mins to get it done. Although if you’re like me, you’ll need more than that. It probably didn’t help that I was on the wireless (in bed) when I tried my attempts though.

Here’s the video, as promised, Luxy.

Undersize Me

I was meaning to farm this for a while, especially after a few reminders from Luxy and Navi so over two nights I farmed my Whole-Body Shrinka’ novelty item in the Barrens. It’s certainly a lot easier to farm the requirements for the weekly on my priest, especially after trying to do it on my pali (those caravans grr) but by the time I reached 491 stones, guess what pops on the map…

Overturned Stones

If only that spawned an hour earlier but at least I had them all to myself.

I ended up in excess of A LOT of stones but I figured I may as well do the weekly as well so I only had to farm a bit extra.


Cool always said he liked his pocket healer and today it became a reality. Unfortunately, it broke the transformation when I used my stonedrake… wouldn’t that have been funny to see – a full-sized blood elf on a miniature drake. Well, I guess you wouldn’t have seen the drake… it’s probably funnier in my head anyway.


One of eleven rares on the Isle of Thunder, he is not required for the Champions of Lei Shen, although he still drops a rather unique item –  Ra’sha’s Sacrificial Dagger. Getting to him may be a little tricky for some since his cave is guarded by two elites.

It appears that you will need to be the first to tag him though in order to have looting rights so group up (if needed) for a chance at his loot table. You may be lucky if trying this solo, since no one was around when we tried it and we only needed to kill him twice for both daggers. However, his drop is not 100%.


The dagger will display some pretty gruesome blood splatter as we displayed several times but the visual doesn’t always appear to be present as shown in the last shot.


This item has several uses which may come in very handy for many:

  • No durability loss
  • Quick raid wipes
  • When a PVP match goes sour, prevent them from getting the killing blow
  • Palis can reminisce about losing DI by using this instead
  • RP scenarios/videos
  • Duel a low-level twink and make his/her day

the list goes on…

Edit: 5.2 hotfix – This item has since been nerfed with a 1sec cast and 30min CD.

So what’s the most creative way you’ve used yours?

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