Captain Ironbeard

There’s a new Iron Pirate in town and his name is Captain Ironbeard . Just head to the ship on Ironfist Harbour in Nagrand to see him marked as a skull although he’s not a silver dragon.

Captain Ironbeard

Old Torglork has sent hundreds like you to the depths! Time to join them!
It’s no safer under my guns, my blades are just as dangerous!

He drops Ironbeard’s Blunderbuss as well as an Iron Buccaneer’s Hat and some garrison resources.

Pirate-HatPirate Hat on frostwolf

Partner that with the Frostwolf War Wolf (the perk from the Wor’var outpost) and you’ve got a pretty nice combo.

Toy Box – My Wish List

A couple of days ago, I logged in to try one of the features I’m most looking forward to – the Toy Box. You can easily find it under the new ‘Collections’ interface along with your pets and mounts. To add a toy, just right-click on any eligible item. It will no doubt be one of the first things I do on live so between that and filling up my second void storage tab, I should have a lot of room back.

So after copying a few of my toons over, there are several items I’d like to see included:

X-52 Rocket Helmet – even though it’s a cloth item
Orb of Sin’dorei – just click and go
Whole-Body Shrinka’
Foam Sword Rack
Leyara’s Locket
Frenzyheart Brew
Vrykul Drinking Horn
Gokk’lok’s Shell
Gnomish Army Knife – saves making one for many of my toons
Monster Slayer Kit – and any other novelty item collected during those world events.

Blue Brewfest Stein
Yellow Brewfest Stein
Green Brewfest Stein
Overflowing Purple Brewfest Stein

Fishing Rewards
Jeweled Fishing Pole
Bone Fishing Pole
Weather-Beaten Fishing Hat

Some sort of shared virtual stash for all those world events.

Not to mention all those tabards and shirts we’ve collected through the years.

Oh and there was something quite surprising when Cool and I played through the starting zone earlier.

A Closer Look at the Toy Box

The Toy Box is something I’m really looking forward to but I’ve been curious to see how much space I’ll actually gain. Now I’m not going to count how many spots I’ll save but I thought it would be useful to see which ones I still have and which I’ll need to acquire again.

At the moment, items need to be added manually although the ability to get our deleted items back remains unclear. I really hope we can, particularly with the archaeology ones since I don’t really want to discover them again on an alt.

Toybox tab

The following list was compiled on WowHead (thanks Perculia)

5.4: Timeless Isle and Darkmoon Faire

Warning Sign, Ash-Covered Horn, Crashin’ Thrashin’ Flyer Controller, Eternal Kiln, Blackflame Daggers, Rime of the Time-Lost Mariner, Odd Polished Stone, Cursed Swabby Helmet, Celestial Defender’s Medallion, Time-Lost Artifact, Censer of Eternal Agony

5.2: Throne of Thunder and Isle of Thunder

Gastropod Shell, Shado-Pan Geyser Gun, Sunreaver Beacon, Kirin Tor Beacon, Ra’sha’s Sacrificial Dagger

TCG Items

Dark Portal, Grim Campfire, Demon Hunter’s Aspect, Spurious Sarcophagus, Magical Ogre Idol, Carved Ogre Idol, Perpetual Purple Firework, The Flag of Ownership, D.I.S.C.O., Paper Flying Machine Kit, Ethereal Portal, Picnic Basket


Little Wickerman, Foot Ball, The Pigskin, MiniZep Controller, Direbrew’s Remote, Romantic Picnic Basket, Fishing Chair, Murloc Costume

Pandaria’s Launch

Survivor’s Bag of Coins, Safari Hat, Pandaren Brewpack, Gin-Ji Knife Set, Everlasting Horde Firework, Mini Mana Bomb, Honorary Brewmaster Keg, Nat’s Fishing Chair, Helpful Wikky’s Whistle, Hozen Beach Ball, Magic Banana, Essence of the Breeze, Ai-Li’s Skymirror, Pandaren Firework Launcher, Panflute of Pandaria, Hardened Shell, Salyin Battle Banner, Aqua Jewel, Farwater Conch, Overgrown Lilypad, Eternal Warrior’s Sigil, Rod of Ambershaping, Chalice of Secrets, Shard of Archstone, Kang’s Bindstone, Mr. Smite’s Brass Compass, Battle Horn, Ancient Pandaren Fishing Charm


Mushroom Chair, Green Balloon, Kalytha’s Haunted Locket, Stave of Fur and Claw, Darkspear Pride

Darkmoon Faire

Moonfang’s Paw, Darkmoon Whistle


Pendant of the Scarab Storm, Wisp Amulet, Bones of Transformation, The Innkeeper’s Daughter, Puzzle Box of Yogg-Saron, Blessing of the Old God, The Last Relic of Argus, Arrival of the Naaru, Kaldorei Wind Chimes, Chalice of the Mountain Kings, Druid and Priest Statue Set, Highborne Soul Mirror


Sylvanas’ Music Box, Jaina’s Locket, Muradin’s Favor, Argent Crusader’s Tabard, Titanium Seal of Dalaran, The Schools of Arcane Magic – Mastery, Iron Boot Flask, Super Simian Sphere

TBC and Vanilla

Time-Lost Figurine, Blessed Medallion of Karabor, Elune’s Lantern, Frostwolf Battle Standard, Stormpike Battle Standard, Orb of Deception


Rituals of the New Moon, Rituals of the New Moon, Rituals of the New Moon, Rituals of the New Moon, Rituals of the New Moon, Dimensional Ripper – Everlook, Dimensional Ripper – Area 52

The inscription books seemed like an odd choice and some were even new to me so I look forward to collecting any outstanding pieces and filling up my virtual storage space ASAP. WTB Patch 6.0 (or alpha access)…

Trial and Error

It’s been a while since I’ve written any trial and error posts but since I’ve been playing around with some of the items in my bag recently, I’ve come across some interesting things.

Falling Flame with levitate

Did you know that casting levitate with Falling Flame causes you to keel over like you have an acute case of appendicitis? Better than dying when you hit the ground (short of using a goblin glider or one from the isle vendor). I usually land in the water so I wasn’t aware of any falling damage that was enough to kill you so this time I levitated to test the effect.

After landing in the ocean, I flew up to one of the peaks overlooking Firewalker Ruins and used all four weather stones while waiting for that yaungol to spawn.

As you can see, each one adds to the others until you get to the sunset stone. I couldn’t see any change for the last one but I didn’t mind since you generally see a sunset anyway.

It’s still a great way to break the monotony of an isle frozen in time.

Flaming Mushan

If you need to get somewhere fast on the Timeless lsle, I can think of two viable and fun options – provided you have the necessary items. One requires the Falling Flame drop from Cinderfall although it’s a little unreliable like a piece of gnomish engineering. You may just find yourself shooting backwards rather than forwards as I found out quite recently.

I was curious to see how close I could get to Jakur’s spawn spot so when I was ready to leave my spineclaw farming spot, I shot off in what I thought was a good starting point.

Earlier today I was ecstatic to see the Ash-Covered Horn drop from the High Priest of Ordos. It even popped up as group loot which isn’t always the case but summons a very, very fast mushan. Technically it’s not a mount but can be used indefinitely as long as you have it in your bag unlike the Tuft of Yak Fur dropped by the Ironfur Steelhorn.

The horn gives you a Furious Ashhide Mushan buff allowing you to travel at 275% movement speed for 20secs. With only a 1min CD and no charges, you can have quite a bit of fun with it although you can only use it on the Timeless Isle. At least you can steer and unclick the buff to stop but why would you want to?

Ash-Covered Horn-scared

If you look closely, you’ll notice her hands in a defensive position as she protects her head from impending damage (or saddle). Nothing a turtle helmet can’t fix though, provided you don’t need to see where you’re going.


Here’s where I am right now:

Monstrous Spineclaw spawn

It’s just a matter of time, luck and lots of Scuttler’s Shells. Shame they only stack 10 at a time.

Bottomless Bag

It’s certainly taking a lot of time and effort to complete this achievement (and not from lack of trying) but I’m glad to see so many have charges – like Falling Flame. The ability to have some fun while not having to worry about indefinite bag space is fantastic although I still find myself holding onto 11x Path of Cenarius charges from a previous expansion so I’m really looking forward to those Toy Box changes.

Among other things, I’ve been farming the Elixir of Ancient Knowledge from both Krol the Blade and the Archiereus of Flame but since Krol is a lot easier to kill than Archiereus, you’ll find he’s a pretty popular target to camp. I would often take a detour between Wastewalker Shu and the Pandaren Burning Spirit so on the number of occasions I’ve been able to kill him in the past, I’ve never seen his unique drop.

Krol the Blade

The other day I happened to spot him while no one else was around so I swooped in for the kill. About halfway through, another player showed up so I’m glad I was faster by ~10secs. When I went loot his body I was relieved to finally see the item after so many kills. I may or may not have done a fist pump.

This makes 10 more to go:

I’d like to think I can get the last ten items before WoD but that’s just wishful thinking at this rate. After seeing the last few items going to another group member, I suspect setting the loot to FFA would not be the answer.

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