Sky Golem

Sky Golem


When I discovered two new engineering pets and a mount were coming, I had every intention of making the pets first but the more I thought about it, the more I wanted to make the mount. I know, GASP! The same thing happens when I upgrade my gear, I purchase the more expensive pieces first like the chestpiece. This meant it would take a full month to transmute 30 pieces of Jard’s Peculiar Energy Source for the Sky Golem. As expected, I saw a few people running around on these yesterday, including Cool.

Sky Golem-cool

Collecting the schematic wasn’t bad at all since it dropped off the first set of mobs we pulled. This is what you can learn:

I had seen Cool on his earlier and I must admit it looked like a lot of fun so as soon as the daily CD reset (I missed a day =S), I was on my engineer ready to make it. I couldn’t wait to take it for a test drive.

Too bad my herbie is already a toe picker.

Next on the list is Pierre and with Cool working on Rascal-Bot, I should have them both within a day of each other. Speaking of which, I’ve had a great time re-watching Alias.


From the Ashes


I always thought it was a little strange how the Ashes would drop from Kael’thas in Tempest Keep instead of Al’ar himself but being such an awesome mount to get back then it does make sense. The mount is currently listed at a 2% drop rate so you still don’t see that many around. I always felt they were kind of blinding so I never looked at them for too long – kind of like looking at the sun.

When I entered Tempest Keep, I opted to go a different route and went straight to Kael’thas instead of doing either of the side bosses. I didn’t think much about it at the time since I figured I don’t really need the pets but I was planning to do them afterwards. Funnily enough, I didn’t realise the mount had dropped since I was talking to someone at the time but then I saw the achievement pop just up as I looted.

Holy Crap!


As soon as I left the raid, I took him out for a test drive feeling very regal indeed. To help mark the occasion, I flew to Area 52 for a quick change of attire.


Still shots really don’t do it justice so I took the liberty of taking a short video.

Razzashi Raptors

Razzashi Raptor


I was not fortunate enough to get the Swift Razzashi Raptor before its removal in Cataclysm but I did manage to see it drop just once in that time – that was back in 2008 during BC. Wow, wasn’t that a long time ago! Since then, Cool and I had tried to farm another one (as well as the tiger) but it wasn’t meant to be. Back then, I wasn’t that fussed about the raptor but the Swift Zulian Tiger was another story. Thankfully my luck with the tiger had a happier ending. I loved the fact that we both had these rare mounts and by the end, Cool was even lucky enough to get both!

When the raid was due to be reintroduced as a dungeon as well as the addition of two new mounts, I was hoping they wouldn’t be exact replicas of the originals and was glad to see they weren’t. Around the time I was short a few mounts for my 200 achievement, we started farming the place on and off  but it finally paid off today with another drop from the Bloodlord.

Here they are side by side:

Razzashi Raptors

Now the picture wouldn’t have been complete without the Razzashi Hatchling. After all, this is where I saved him from the Bloodlord so long ago.

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