MischiefUs Turns Seven

The guild may have moved and gone through some ups and downs but it still holds a special place in my heart. I had lost track of its foundation date (17/08/2006) but it wasn’t too hard to find since the original guild still existed on an old server during those good old vanilla days.

As we played through the first expansion, the guild was re-created on our main server Khadgar, together with our first official guild site. The banner I created took much longer than I care to admit but I’m still proud of the result.

Msfus banner

Even now, it still brings back a lot of memories.

It All Really Adds Up

It’s not that often that I get to post about Guild accomplishments so I’m happy to say that we finally reached another general milestone. I noticed that we were somewhat close (at least compared to some other achievements) when we started levelling in Pandaria so I was checking the achievement every now and then to see how we were going.

The other night I was working on my Archaeology and was trading in my restored artifacts late one night when I accidentally hit my dagger icon instead of opening my Arch journal as I was leaving. This is the second time I’ve done this in a few weeks but instead of checking my friends list to see if someone could rez me at the Seat of Knowledge, I released and spoke the the spirit healer just outside our city.

Spirit Healer

OUCH! 254 Gold plus rez sickness.

The latter I didn’t mind so much as I wasn’t really doing much at the time but the next day as I repaired in the Shrine of Two Moons it happened – the Guild achievement came up. It is true what they say, it really DOES add up.

Next one will probably be the Critter Kill Squad with under 7000 to go… they make it a lot easier in Pandaria though, unlike the poor sheep in Uldum (which are no longer critters).

In other news, I managed to get nine golden chests from my solo scenario this week. So close! But considering I had six in the first room, one in the hallway and then fell short in the second room, I have an idea for next week since it’s the last achievement I need for In the Halls of the Thunder King. Then in Ulduar we managed to get a fragment by doing the council on hard mode killing the big one last. I look forward to going back in there later this weekend to kill more of the later ones.

A Daily Routine

We don’t get many Guild achievements so I was surprised when A Daily Routine finally popped after turning in one of my Golden Lotus Dailies. As a reward, you get the Battle Standard of Coordination which should come in handy for the new rep grind.

A Daily Routine

That’s a lot of dailies

I also nudged Cool to get his Roll Club achievement while the daily was up so I was happy to see he did after a few tries.

The other day I was excited to get Survival Ring of Flames done on my hunter without even trying that hard (having done it on Cymre sometime earlier). It was quite funny seeing my grub doing somersaults though. One of the few memories I’ll have while I still had one; although a random comment I received while doing a recent event boss comes to mind when he said “OMG! Why that pet?” I was quite amused at the time.

Why? Well why not?


Then today, while doing the dailies on my hunter, I became sidetracked when I spotted one of Portent‘s tracks leading back towards the ruins. So I took a detour as there was one last colour I had yet to see in the wild – red.


Woot! I now have all four in my collection (although not in my stable). I had tamed the blue and green that first night, but then decided to tame the organic looking one in the water as part of the Golden Lotus chain.

Quilen-Thunder King

That was later replaced by the purple version but when I saw this red one today, I was tempted to tame it too. It’s sad to think I’ve had to abandon a lot of pets already to house all the new ones I’ve accumulated since Mists went live.

Really Blizz, WTB more stable slots but how many would really be enough?

In Uldum, the same thing happened while camping Madexx a long time ago. I had the red and black one tamed while I longed to see the blue and green one, which I eventually did see (and tame). Sadly, I don’t have images of all the colour variants though.

Lastly, I’ve decided to just do the Golden Lotus dailies on Cym since Skyshards will now be Bind on Account after tonight. Whoo hoo!

Now to wait until the Patch goes live… what will you do first when you log in tomorrow? I suspect mine will be pet related :)

Pandaren Ambassador

Yesterday I became exalted with the Huojin Pandaren earning me the Pandaren Embassy achievement (as well as for the Guild). Although with normal reputation grinding behaviour, I still had to get that bar full so instead of doing one more dungeon, I decided to head back into Blackrock Mountain for some more classic raid farming. The other day I noticed the mobs inside BRD giving me Huojin rep, albeit not much, but I decided to go back there and get my last few hundred.

Pandaren Embassy

After a while, I noticed some mail from Lorewalker Cho only to realise that he sent me the Pandaren Kite String as a reward.

Pandaren Kite String

The mount special animation makes the kite sway left, then right, do a twirl then right itself. Remember that you can only do this while on the ground though.

What I didn’t remember until now was the fact you can buy an Artisan shirt depending on your rank within the Guild. The three versions are for the officer, member or initiate ranks which all cost 180G with the bartering perk.

Artisan Shirts

Officer – Member – Initiate

I can’t say that the shirts really appeal to me being just cosmetic but it’s nice to know that you can show some Guild pride without having to detract from your current set (sans tabard). It’s too bad that the kite looks just like the paid flights around Pandaria but then again, a mount’s a mount, right?

Mischief Maxed

When Guild Perks and reputation were first introduced to the game, it was such a daunting task for a Guild of two. At the time, it was our Guild of alts (on a new server) so Cool and I weren’t really working at our Guild reputation. However, it was something that I longed to do for a Guild that I loved so much.

When I finally moved my main back to MischiefUs, it was at a time when I thought I could put everything I had into getting all those delicious Guild achievements and potential perks. But with two main players, it proved very difficult and mostly impossible. There were times though when some were never so sweet.

By the time we started inviting people again, we had reached Perk 6 so we were looking forward to reaching any new ranks we happened to get with the added help. But after some ‘events’ and a much needed hiatus in April, Cool and I started playing again in the Guild that I wanted to love again. It took a long time to feel that I wanted to stay on when my server had so many bad memories.

That’s why my beta invite came as such a perfect time. It gave me a way to immerse myself into a game I had played for so long while experiencing everything that was new, bold, humorous and visually stunning. Even with all the bugs, it was hard not to feel hopeful about what this new expansion was bringing.

Giant pets

Guild Perk 24

With the changes to guild reputation, it’s been even more motivating trying to get the last 7 or so levels for the Guild as a two-person show. But late last night it happened.

Guild Perk-25

Guild Perk 25

MischiefUs has finally reached it’s 25th perk!

As we look to the future, I look forward to the rest of our journey. All I can say is, it’s certainly been a long one and I can take off that tabard :D

#IntPiPoMo 10/50

Blingtron Rep Machine

Last night I noticed we were 99% into Rank 22 for the Guild so I knew we would get it that last % doing our dailies today. However, the first thing we did this morning was visit with Cool’s Blingtron 4000. Only I didn’t expect us to reach Rank 23 picking up the daily quest he offers. I don’t think there’s been a better way to gain a rank than from a daily like this, am I right?

Blingtron 4000

Blingtron ding

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