Farming Titbits

This isn’t the first time I’ve mentioned my crops and healing, although it’s quite melodic when you shoot your cascade out and you’re met with this spectacular show of holyworks!

Cascade crops

The farm is alive with the sound of ping, ping, ping
With songs they have sung for a thousand harvests

Aegis Portal

Then there’s the unintended consequence of your portal shard when clearing the vermin from your ranch.

Now I can’t remember where I saw this but it was discovered that you could levitate your crops like some sort of neat magic trick. Notice that it works for Tilled Soil.

Tilled Soil

On the other hand, it didn’t work for the Occupied Soil. Can you imagine levitating the soil to reveal the annoying little piece of shit vermin underneath? Aha, I’ve got you! I can see their little brains thinking WTF? At least with the changes coming in 5.2, we’ll be able to use out Master Plows to knock their health down to 30%.

Occupied Soil

But for all you farming enthusiasts out there, have you tried the Farmhand addon? It’s a nifty addition which makes finding those seeds, etc. in your bags a breeze.

As soon as you enter the phased area of your farmstead, you’ll see a new set of buttons on the screen. They will of course, only show what you have in your bags at the time and will update accordingly. This is especially handy if you’re still working on your reputation with the faction as you’re more likely to have an abundance of different seeds – as well as the watering can, shovel and bug sprayer.

Farmhand crops

It will even scan your crops to tell you which are problematic – adding a raid icon over each one that needs attention.

I must say that even though I’ve been exalted with The Tillers for a long time now, this dynamic little helper is well worth a try.

Happy harvesting!

…and I can’t tell you how happy I will be when I can buy the deed to Yoon’s farm – as well as my homestead turning into my own personal inn. Patch 5.2 can’t come soon enough. :D

Huojin Pandaren

Funnily enough, I’ve been exalted with this faction for over a month now but it only just dawned on me that I had yet to buy the six Great Dragon Turtle mounts at exalted. On horde side you can purchase them from Turtlemaster Odai, located right next to the Honeydew Village portal in Org.

Great Red Dragon Turtle

Great Red Dragon Turtle

Great Purple Dragon Turtle

Great Purple Dragon Turtle

Great Green Dragon Turtle

Great Green Dragon Turtle

Great Brown Dragon Turtle

Great Brown Dragon Turtle

Great Blue Dragon Turtle

Great Blue Dragon Turtle

Great Black Dragon Turtle

Great Black Dragon Turtle

The red one immediately reminds me of the hunter tame – Bloodtooth but I’d have to say I like the black and green ones the best.

Who’s the Master Now?

A while ago, I took on Nomi as my cooking apprentice which required me to teach him the art though a series of dailies. This allowed me to earn reputation with him – although technically I think it should have been the other way around (since I was the one teaching him the skills, after all).

After Nomi masters all six lessons, you earn an achievement as well as a reward – a choice of 5x cooking ingredients plus the apron – which otherwise would have cost me 55 Ironpaw Tokens in total.


Apron back

From then on, he will offer you A Token of Appreciation each day you talk to him. This quest is actually a daily gift which could include a number of meals but will always include one Ironpaw Token.

Thanks for checking to make sure I’m doing well! I’ve been able to help out the Ironpaws today and they said I could give this to you.

So far I’ve received a number a Mad Brewer’s Breakfasts, although you can generally get any of the meals below:

I was also excited to read about some new changes coming in 5.2


Dominance Offensive

Phew! The last faction for Pandaria – Exalted (several days ago) but I’m only posting this now. Go Figure!

As soon as I hit revered with the faction, I bought the Grand Commendation of the Dominance Offensive just to make it that much faster – and it was. Almost every day we had another storyline to complete – either to go find someone, scout an area, locate something or retrieve something. But one thing soon became clear, it was all to do with the Divine Bell.

Doing the extra trap daily for some bonus rep worked out nicely too, although farming the materials for the crane seemed the most annoying. My favourite was the crab since you only needed to farm the Unga Villagers for some funky fish while Cool liked doing the tiger one. While you don’t need to have the quest to get credit for the kill, you can just wait for the zone-wide alert when one of the beasts are caged by a player. Be aware that you can only turn in one of these quests per day since it is a daily.

Just make sure you know (or can work out) the mechanic for the fight before you try it. If you’re hanging around for a free kill, pls don’t be a dumbass and stand there when you’re being focused by the crab. You need to kite it so the crab will keep taking damage. Also, stampede and growl are annoying for that very reason.

Once I hit exalted, I purchased the Grand Armored Wyvern from the Quartermaster.

Grand Armored Wyvern

You’ll also get the Grand Wyvern as a reward from Garrosh once you complete all the storylines for the Dominance Offensive.

Grand Wyvern

Now I’ll just need to make sure I do all the raids so I can max out my points each week… and then some.

Champion of Chi-Ji

I’ve been looking forward to completing this questline for a long time now, especially since I’ve been exalted with The August Celestials for a while. Apparently, the dailies for the Temple of the Red Crane could be picked up (even though they weren’t the set quest hub for the day) but that was hotfixed a while ago.

So with six fights left to do, I made sure that I didn’t miss out on one day of it.



The last fight with Ella ended as expected. You could see how much more despondent she became each time she was defeated. Although I wondered why I didn’t get a Sha in place of my Shadowfiend today.

During the fight I had my other staff on. Bah!


Hurray! That’s all the reputations and questlines for Pandaria accounted for.

The August Celestials

Like many, The August Celestials were the last faction I had to reach exalted with so I was excited to see what Blizzard had in store for us. Other factions (such as The Shadow-Pan and Golden Lotus) gave us some really epic quests and storylines which provided us some kind of finality but this faction ended up being… anti-climactic. This was quite surprising as it was the only one that offered the most diverse group of dailies. It was also the hardest to start as you had to wait until you were revered with the Golden Lotus before you could even start your rep grind.

There was no final fight with any of the combatants.

Tukka Tuk

Sadly, there was one moth casualty during the fight

Although Tukka-Tuk did send me an apology letter later.

After some research it seems I have six more days to go at the Cradle of Chi-Ji before I can get my Champion of Chi-Ji achievement.

Here’s the list of combatants:

Ellia Ravenmane
Minh Do-Tan
Ellia Ravenmane: Rematch
Fat Long-Fat
Julia Bates
Dextrous Izissha
Kuo-Na Quillpaw
Ellia Ravenmane: Revenge
Huck Wheelbarrow
Mindel Sunspeaker
Yan Quillpaw
Fat Long-Fat: Rematch
Ellia Ravenmane: Redemption

There was one mount to buy at the Quartermaster though if you’re willing to fork out 9K (with the Guild perk).

Reins of the Thundering August Cloud Serpent

You may notice it has the same skin as Alani‘s mount which is the ruby version of this one.

At the same time, just as I finish up my rep grind on my main, I’ve just started it on my alt  – just so I can make bigger bags!

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