A Reaper of a Gift

Yesterday Cool gifted me with the Reaper of Souls D3 expansion which includes the Treasure Goblin battle pet. They tend to be quite annoying in Diablo especially if they port away so I’m looking forward to having one by my side (for the most part).

Treasure GoblinDemon hound

They are available as part of the Digital and Collector’s versions but I must admit, the datamined version was kind of creepy looking. It was always impossible to get a good look at them in-game but here they look almost cute! You also get a Spectral Hound Minion to keep you company and some Transmogrified Gear for Diablo.

Over the past week, I’ve been tweaking my build since my wizard is now 60 and having played though all difficulty levels. I’m currently sitting on Paragon level 5 with four pieces of my Tal Rasha set (thanks to Cool).

We’re currently working on the materials for a hellfire ring as I toggle between monster power four and three – at least until I get used to playing again. So far I’ve managed to collect one of three items although it helps when I don’t fight the bosses while zoomed in (Z) the whole fight. I was wondering why I couldn’t see jack. Cool said I wasn’t even hitting the bosses at times which isn’t too surprising.

In my defence I only hit Z because I thought the show all loot button was set to that and not Alt. That’s what I get for playing 15mins at a time :P

Inferno Difficulty

After a long break, I finally made it to level 60 which qualifies me for Inferno difficulty in Diablo III. Although it took a while to get the hang of mouse, movement and keyboard functions, I still had fun re-watching all the cutscences from Act III and Act IV.


Cool was especially excited about me reaching 60 as this meant he could unload a lot of the gear he had been saving for me; not to mention freeing up all that space in his stash. This included the legendary Storm Crow headpiece and the wand/off-hand set Chantodo’s Will and Chantodo’s Force.


After that we even played though a little of Act I so I could see how the Paragon System works.

Hell mode continues

Here we are in Act II, with the tree I’m currently going with.

I seem to be dying with a lot more regularity in Hell mode and not just at regular intervals either. There was one instance I died 4 or 5 times in a row!!

Act II- Zoltun Kulle - transform
Act II  hell - Kulle

As soon as I levelled to 56, I was excited to try my Diamond Shards rune. Looks impressive when I use it but I haven’t had to much of a chance to try it out in battle as I levelled just before I logged yesterday.

Wizard - 56

Wizard – 56

I have one question though, what are those balls around Coolidge’s neck? I hope they’re not some type of souvenir… although they look a bit too buffed to be that!

My Week in Hell

We’ve really slowed down our playing due to our time zones and new scheduling so here’s what we got up to this week.

Last woman standing

From time to time, I’ll die to multiple trash mobs but this time I did it. I finally actually killed Coolidge! Well I have to get my rez achievement somehow :P

But then it happened… I died on Butcher. Coolidge tried four times to rez me and at around the 20% mark, he managed to complete the cast so I was at least upright when he died.

A new day also meant the opportunity for some new spell combinations. So we headed into Maghda’s Lair to try them out. I added one of the shields back for another defensive ability and it worked out pretty well.

A monk’s cannon needs lots of fire… or should I say arcane power.

Wizard – 54

Coolidge offered me a legendary bow he found so I could get my achievement :D It had some pretty nice stats on it and boy was it fast so I decided to use it in the end. I can see myself using it for a while :P

I also tried out the AH yesterday selling some dyes and old gems to test the system. Managed to sell quite a few things, some were even instant sales.

Has anyone tried out the real money AH and if so, what have been your experiences so far?

I’m in Hell

In Diablo III that is…

Crypt of the Skeleton King

There I go, not paying attention to where my cursor is again. What a way to ruin a shot, I couldn’t be bothered cloning it out though :P So far Hell mode doesn’t seem to bad, I have died a few times but that was due to those annoying chain mobs and a lot of purple groups who drop those annoying molten puddles plus chains or grenades….

Reign of the Black King

I’ve been getting quite a lot of the Tomes of Blacksmithing and Tomes of Jewelcrafting but have yet to find one of the Legendaries other people have been getting.

Wizard - 52 (trying out the Desert Dye)

I logged in and out today, after I saw one of the new dyes. After trying the Desert dye above, I thought I’d see if I could see some other ones after my obligatory character screenshot following a boss kill. I found three more :)

I’ll try them out soon enough, hopefully after I get a nice upgrade.

The Nightmare is Over

Coolidge and I finally finished Nightmare Difficulty tonight. I last left off with us just entering Heaven for the final Act.

I just love the look of Auriel, she’s probably my favourite Angel. Their wings look so different to the ones in WoW but different game so it makes sense. Although the other day Coolidge told me about the boars on D3 looking just like the ones in WoW. I even read a blog post about it but can’t remember where I saw it =/

We’ve all seen this screen before but there’s a reason I’ve linked it today. We were in the Radiant Chapel doing what we do, which usually means Cool holding the big guy while I pick off the little ones. In this instance, there were a lot of those mobs that drop those frost grenades. I usually Diamond Shield if I’m close to them but this time I had quite a few on me and my DS and pot were on CD. So I died…

No real interest there right?

Well, waiting there for Cool to finish off everything, I was lying there dead (minding my own business) when some more of those grenades were thrown around where I was lying. Once they blew, I was blasted as well which is why my body was blown away from the grave. All of a sudden I saw my corpse flying head first straight into the railing… at the time I thought it was hilarious and even looking at the pic now it makes me giggle.

I didn’t even realise that could happen once you were dead. Although come to think of it I have seen some really funny things in WoW when people are dead. One involves Hugadarn dying towards the entrance in AQ40 when we were 2P’ing the first mobs for mounts. He had died towards the portal but started sliding backwards across the sand, up the big boulder and then down the other side. LMAO!

Last night, I wasn’t content to log out since Coolidge had just managed to ding 50 and I was just a sliver from dinging as well, so we headed through the Gateway to the Silver Spire, killing a few groups of mobs before I levelled as well.

Here we are the night before. I had just managed to get the achievement for colouring everything one colour. I wish you could see which colours you had used on an item already without having to zoom in. That doesn’t always help me as the dyes aren’t always that distinct, esp on the shoulders. So I probably ended up colouring the same item the same colour a couple of times trying to figure out which item I was missing for the achievement. I’ve since noticed that you can’t colour your bracers or weapon (didn’t think you could but I just thought I’d try anyway) :P

Surprisingly, killing Diablo wasn’t as bad as I expected. Even the shadow phase wasn’t that bad, The worst bit was the third phase back in our realm, when s/he did the spray. I’m just glad I didn’t die but it’s pretty rare that I’ll die on a boss.

I had started talking to my followers for the chat achievement as well as taking a pic when I saw the pop-up that asked if I wanted to leave Nightmare and go to the next level of Difficulty. Unfortunately, I didn’t realise there was timer counting down and thought I could just close the thing and exit later. I was annoyed at myself the first time round as I wanted a pic of how I looked on the Character select screen with that cool Heaven backdrop but I didn’t know how to get the backdrop back so I was determined to get one this time ’round. While we were discussing this, Cool told me there were only 6sec left until were were dropping out… I hadn’t even started looting yet… so I raced over to at least pick up the yellow item and was trying to pick up one of the purples when I saw a black screen. Oh well, I really only wanted the yellow anyway.

On a positive note, Cool told me we could just switch back to Nightmare difficulty and select the last quest for the Heaven shot, so without further ado, here it is :)

Nightmare Difficulty complete! Bring on Hell :)

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