A New Blingtron Appears

Several days ago, Jonathan LeCraft tweeted something very interesting:

This pint-sized trainer looks familiar. She might just visit your garrison in the future

Garrison trainer

Check out this Gilnean child with her epic looking Diablo team. While many can relate to having only the Treasure Goblin in their collection, I was excited to see both Mini Tyrael and Mini Diablo on the PTR a while ago. I just didn’t have the heart to level them. Talk about a dream team.

TheCrafticus was even asking for names, so what about Scrooge, Justice and Terror?

Today there was even some engineering news. When asked if we’d be getting another Blingtron for WoD, TheCrafticus responded:

Yes. Engineers will be able to construct a new Blingtron (new gifts), and it will fight other Blingtrons to the death. Savage!

I must admit, I was quite intrigued by this and was left wondering what materials we’d need to craft it. Here’s his response:

I could tell you, but it wouldn’t make a lot of sense without more context. It will be difficult, but it won’t be permanently destroyed if it dies in a Bling-fight.

With some concern about possible exploits like players of the other faction dropping several to demolish yours, it will only be:

Same faction. It will be a free-for-all. Idea is to grant a bonus to the creator of a winning Blingtron. We’ll keep an eye on the exploits — the bonus may just be bragging rights.

So what about a new style of teleport:

Wormhole Centrifuge: Pick two locations from a list. You will get sent to one. We don’t want it to be a perfect teleport. It will be useful half the time, and that’s just about right for engineering.

When asked if it could ever go wrong and teleport you elsewhere:

Nope, but you might be a sheep. Or on fire. Or both.

Hmm, maybe today I’ll finally get to change into something… *fingers crossed.

Now for mount lovers, when asked if there would be anything new for WoD:

Engineers recently got the Sky Golem, so probably not going to have a brand new mount with WoD.

I can’t say I really mind about the mount, we did get three this expansion and that’s just from engineering.

Things I’ll Miss on the Beta

It’s been five months since I first logged into the Mists of Pandaria beta. My invite came at such a low time in my gaming life that I desperately needed something to take my mind off what I had just lost – the Guild I had loved for so long. I was feeling so low at the time that I needed something positive to try and take my mind off it. I also wanted to be able to share what I had experienced as the blog has given me a great creative outlet over the past ten months. It’s hard to believe that my first Blogiversary is coming up in a couple of months.

So as the beta draws to a close, I wanted to take a moment to look back on what I’ve accomplished and what I will miss.

This mount was automatically given to players as I found her sitting in my mount journal, as with the two engineering mounts.

As soon as I saw that The Lorewalkers rewarded you with this awesome looking mount, I set off to obtain it with minimal effort once I reached level 90.

I spent A LOT of time obtaining as much information as I could for the Pet Battle System. It wasn’t just exciting to try out the process because I saw it as a great opportunity to catch as many pets as I could. See the ‘Pet Battles’ tab above for all the info. In a few days I will be starting from scratch but I’ve gained some valuable experience from it all.

It was actually quite easy to get exalted with all The Tillers once I had done the research.

90 PVP sets

Free PVP Set

These sets were freely available to players once you had reached max level. It was a clear upgrade to what we had accumulated from dungeons and quest rewards.

My Goody Bag

Here you can see a lot of the activities I’ve dabbled in over the past couple of months. Although I really only focused on a few of them once I hit max level – which came quite late in the beta.

There were so many things I immersed myself in without feeling like I’d spoiled myself with the quests and story. I know I’ll be at a definite advantage when it comes to the factions, dailies and landmarks. As a certain old school druid once told me – know your terrain. I know what I’ll be focusing on when it hits midnight on the 25th.

So here’s to the last five months.

I hope you’ve enjoyed experiencing the beta with me for those who haven’t been avoiding my blog. I know I’ve gained some new readers from it and I hope to keep you interested in whatever else I uncover in the future :)

Not long to go now…

Beta Highlights

It was a pretty productive weekend on the Beta, with not much happening on live, I can only farm SM so much. We were able to get exalted with The Lorewalkers, as well as catch a lot of the Champions in Dread Wastes and Townlong Steppes.

The Yowler

Talk about being a hoarder

Cool and I also experimented with a faction change – can’t remember how long it lasted but it seemed like AGES! I had The Lorewalkers post all set to go except for a few pics I couldn’t take until I managed to change myself into a BE again. Unfortunately, the ability to do so took a while to come back up.

Last night, I finally managed to see the option next to Cym’s name and was so excited I did the faction > race > customisation changes but when I went to confirm the changes, it said I was over the Gold limit. ARG! So I logged in and sure enough I was 1K over the 50K mark. Trying to decide how to dispose of the extra money, I almost chucked it using the ‘amount to pick-up’ feature but I thought that was just a waste – even though it’s beta. I was thinking of flying to a vendor and buying a lot of crap (like the starter sets for example) but you can’t DE them so I thought I’d have a look at the AH.

The prices there are super inflated but I figured I just need to get something around 1.5-2K. After a couple of antsy minutes, I ended up buying 2 pets which were 1K each. Even though I had them both, they were the closest to what I could get without being over 50K. So after emptying my mail and relearning the pets, I excitedly logged out.

But the faction change was no longer there.

I felt deflated.

So I tried logging in and out to other toons hoping it would pop up again. The randomiser did its thing but not for my main again last night. I went to bed.

Today, I logged in and the option still wasn’t up… until some time later. I was so happy and knew I was still under the 50K limit. SUCCESS!

I feel right again. Free to take pics without feeling odd.


Wearing Mozu’s Robe with my new pet Grinder

Both items drop from Karr the Darkener in the Dread Wastes.

I must say that I’m loving all the profession type dailies and I’ve even started doing the initial farming quests on my alts to help out with ingredients for my priest.

My farm

Still no luck with the pet though, even after all the farming hints.

The other day, I decided to start the grind for the Order of the Cloud Serpent. I chose the blue hatchling after a choice of three colours – gold and green being the other two. Come live, I might actually choose the gold one but we’ll see.

Blue serpent hatchling

I particularly like the fact that the Cloud serpent dailies will give me meat and fish for my Tillers hand-ins and the cloth I pick up from mobs can be used for hatchling bandages. High Five to Blizzard for giving us such varied dailies of which there’s no limit cap and the materials are able to be used in multiple ways.

This definitely seems a lot less wasteful.

The Anglers – Honoured

I can’t believe that I’m honoured with the Anglers after just a few days!

Being friendly gives you two cooking recipes but I was looking forward to becoming honoured for the Tiny Goldfish which looks like the painted and wild carp in Pandarian ponds. You also get the Pandaren Fishing Pole which doesn’t have much of a fishing bonus but works great as a novelty item.

Tiny Goldfish

Tiny Goldfish – Pet no. 380

Pandaren Fishing Pole

Pandaren Fishing Pole

Yesterday, I also managed to get my Zen Master Fisher(wo)man achievement :P Now that might have been a cool title to have.

By the way, does anyone notice anything different about my priest?

Maybe this will help…

Gnomeregan Pride

Gnomeregan Pride

This certainly isn’t something I get to do every day :P

Scenarios and Achievements

This week’s LBR was one I was looking forward to for weeks as it was one I had suggested. ULD25 was on the agenda but I didn’t realise it was set for Sun this time. As I woke up this morning (after sleeping in some), I wondered if the raid was for Sun or Mon as quite recently the LBR was set a day earlier. So I quickly logged onto the laptop to check. SHIT! It was for today and not tomorrow AND it was set for an hour earlier too. I was so annoyed with myself as I seem to have the worst luck getting to go to an ULD25 gp. Either the shards are automatically going to someone else, I’m saved or the fragments just won’t drop. By the time Cool and I had logged in, the group had made it to the Cat lady – but they wiped on the boss. Once we were invited to the raid, JD whispered “Thank G you’re both on!” Apologies to Cool and JD for my language when I had first logged in though. I even saw Dragonray on her main! Unfortunately, there were no more fragments for my collection as the gp had trouble killing Yogg and Algalon. But by that stage, Cool and I were both starving and wanted to make the most of our weekend time so we left for some sustinence.

After lunch, we logged into the beta to try a few of the scenarios being fresh 90’s. I have to say, they were pretty quick and easy, even though we didn’t know what to expect from any of the encounters. All three were quite varied and the last boss in the Unga Ingoo one certainly knew how to make an entrance.

Banana Boat

WTB Banana Boat

Unfortunately, the Brewmoon Festival scenario glitched about halfway through so we left and tried another one.

We also managed to try the revamped Scholo which was quite surreal as there was a bit of cut + pasting of the rooms. It did seem odd at the time but I think I’m too used to the old set-up, being a vanilla player.

Scholo vials

Something to try during the dungeon

We ended our run with one of the new 90 dungeons – the Siege of Niuzao Temple. Besides not knowing where to go at a certain point, it was a lot of fun. I had just been saying to Cool that there were no real bottleneck bosses in Mists like there were in certain Cata dungeons – Grim Batol comes to mind. That is, until we got to the General (the second last boss in the instance). We ended up wiping twice due to his mechanics. Only one of the original DPS’ers stayed for our third attempt which ended up being the kill shot. The last boss however was a lot of fun. I won’t spoil it for those who haven’t done it but let’s just say I almost let a certain mechanic take me without a fight. I was thinking ‘Wheee’ when I should have been running in the other direction :P All-in-all we killed him without any mishaps.

Wing Leader Ner'onok

Wing Leader Ner’onok

Oh and talk about A LOT of achievements… here are just a few.

But sometimes you just need to bring out your inner troll… esp when you’re trying to farm juicycrunch carrots. Really Blizz, the drop rate on these is really awful.

Zandalari trolls

Oh and I harvested my first set of crops today (trying to get the turnip pet that Erinys wrote about a while ago). But that stubborn weed was such an understatement. I hear it was bugged today though so I guess I was just unlucky with the timing.

Hello 90

It may have taken four months but today, Coolidge and I finally made it to level 90 – not that we were really trying until the last week. Part of the reason was to try out our level 90 talents. Although being able to fly in Pandaria was a nice bonus which only cost 2,500G. I mean how else could I get such a close view of Alani while in the air? Unless you’re on a paid flight maybe…

I had another reason to level though. For the past few months, I’ve been slowly accumulating the crates you can trade in for Archaeology. This includes the pristine coin which you can hand in to Loremaster Cho but was unable to since the Seat of Knowledge is located at the top of Mogu’shan Palace.

Seat of Knowledge

Hey Braun, fancy meeting you here

Of course the other perk was the ability to obtain a full PVP set – for free!

90 PVP sets

If the Shrine of Fellowship means anything to you, you’ll know the significance of the incense burner behind us. If not, you may want to re-watch the opening cinematic for the Mists of Pandaria. Although you don’t really need a reason do you? :)

Blizzard recently added an achievement which ties in the scene from the cinematic. All you have to do is visit the Shrine of Fellowship in The Jade Forest and then re-enact Chen’s action by straightening the broken incense burner found near the bridge. Doing that will reward the Restore Balance achievement along with 10 achievement points.

Restore Balance

Loremaster Cho was nice enough to send us some fireworks upon reaching 90 so I thought the Shrine was a nice place to set them off.

After that, we did a bit of rare farming, finding three new ones for the collection. Sadly, none of them dropped any novelty item.


Cool turban

One of them dropped a cloth turban which Coolidge wanted to try as he said it matched his set perfectly. I have to admit it was a great colour match :P

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