Seeing Stars

Tonight it was all about archaeology (mostly). I had just completed a common Draenor project in Frostfire when the next one revealed the Ancient Frostwolf Fang:

In life, no two creatures will share a stronger relationship than that of a Frostwolf orc and his or her companion wolf. The two eat, sleep, and fight side by side until one or both dies an honorable death. Even then, sometimes not even death itself can stop a frostwolf from coming to the aid of its beloved orc.

This gives you the Frostwolf Ghostpup – the one project I was hoping to see – so how could I not keep going?

It really didn’t take too long as I headed to Nagrand for another digsite and figured I may as well capture some beasts for the barn. I only had to start 25x Work Orders to get the level 3 Blueprint so I decided to do it all in one go. As a dot class, it can be pretty dicey because you have to get the bugger to ~10 or 20% before you can even attempt to trap it but after a few failed attempts, I had it in the bag (literally).

It only took one more dig in central Nagrand to have what I needed and with the help of a keystone, I had the Frostwolf Ghostpup. Soon after I summoned him, I started seeing stars.


Those prowler packs are probably the most annoying thing in Nagrand but you can’t deny the cuteness of that puppy. Thanks to my instant levelling stone, I can try him out in battle. If only it were that easy on live.


Ahoy, Me Maties!

Here we be again. th’ one day whar ye can speak like a scurvy pirate ‘n not get googly-eyed looks from all ye non pirates. Accordin’ to Patfo, ’tis year we ‘ave a new item on th’ beta called th’ Big Bag ‘o lovely Booty. Great fer them who have too much gold ‘n want to dispense ‘o some ‘o their spoils.

Pirate Day 2014 with ninja

But just like th’ age ol’ rivalry between aussies ‘n kiwis, I gunna only trust barnacle-covered ninjas as far as I can throw ‘em.

Pirate Day 2014 fishing

’tis always nice to end th’ day wit’ a spot ‘o fishin’ fer ye supper – otherwise ’tis walk th’ plank wit’ ye.

Wild Pets of Frostfire Ridge

Here are the unique wild pets for Frostfire Ridge. To be updated when I collect the Pygmy Cow from a Level 3 Barn.

Frostshell Pincer

Frostshell Pincher

Icespine Hatchling

Icespine Hatchling

Twilight Wasp

Twilight Wasp

Gnawtooth Rat

Gnawtooth Rat

Ironclaw Scuttler

Ironclaw Scuttler

The Ironclaw Scuttler was listed under Ashran but I found these little suckers in and around some lava.

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