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A disc priest and relic hunter who loves collecting achievements, silver dragon shots and pets. Other hobbies include transmog / costumes, novelty items, class sets as well as all things pets.

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Carrotus Maximus

Pet Menagerie


The Pet Menagerie becomes available once you upgrade to a level 2 garrison but before you can unlock the plot, you’ll need to complete the quest Pet Versus Pests available from your garrison Kennel Master. Defeating all three legendary pets unlocks the plot and will eventually open up the daily to battle rotating challengers at level 3.

Pets vs Pests
All three pests share the Elite buff which reduces all damage taken by 50% and cannot be dealt more than 35% of their health in one attack.
Gorefu (Aquatic)
Deep Bite, Mudslide, Feed
Carrotus Maximus
Carrotus Maximus (Elemental)
Ironbark, Aged Yolk, Leech Seed
Gnawface (Critter)
Sneaky Bite, Crouch, Call Darkness


The daily challenges are likely to be account-wide and currently reward 15x Pet Charms. Unfortunately there’s no pet vendor at the moment but I look forward to seeing what they have for sale.

Challenge Post
Blingtron 4999bTeam-wide buff: Roboflauge
Blingtron 4999b (Mechanical)
Club, Batter, Armageddon
Protectron 022481 (Mechanical)
Metal Fist, Reflective Shield, Ion Cannon
Protectron 011803 (Mechanical)
Metal Fist, Reflective Shield, Ion Cannon
Rockbiter (Humanoid)
Bite, Nature's Ward, Burrow
Stonechewer (Humanoid)
Shell Armour, Body Slam, Punch
Acidtooth (Humanoid)
Acid Touch, Punch, Spiny Carapace
Grumbles Scrags Stings
Grubbles (Critter)
Flank, Adrenaline Swarm, Sticky Goo
Scrags (Beast)
Clobber, Takedown, Ravage
Stings (Flying)
Barbed Stinger, Focus, Puncture Wound
Tris (Elemental)
Acid Rain, Renewing Mists, Pump
Fiero (Elemental)
Burn, Flame Jet, Cataclysm
Kromli (Humanoid)
Comeback, Rupture, Dreadful Breath
Gromli (Humanoid)
Crush, Stoneskin, Haymaker

I was really surprised to see all these pets in my garrison today, especially when I only expected the daily but I found them all to be very doable. It really helps when you have your full collection unlike the PTR for the Celestial Tournament but expect this post to expand as I complete all the challenges.

As usual, you can check out my strategies on YouTube.

Garrison lumber pile

Garrison Field Notes


If you haven’t been following me on twitter, you may not know that I’ve been stuck with a level 1 garrison for weeks so imagine my surprise when I saw a quest to level up a few days ago. Unfortunately, my surprise soon turned to disappointment when I realised I still couldn’t progress. It turns out my lack of questing and levelling was holding me back when I opted for rare shots and pet drops but one tweet changed all that yesterday. In essence, the Pet Menagerie and more importantly the pet trainer dailies won’t be available until your entire garrison is level 3.

This meant I had to get from 92.5 to the current level cap of 96 ASAP since a lot of blueprints are level dependant. Thankfully that was pretty easy to do (even though a few quests were buggy) and I even found a few followers along the way. Sadly, my missions are still at a standstill but at least I was able to successfully complete a couple of rare missions last week.

Now with the constant DCs over the last couple of days, it’s been very frustrating to say the least – especially when you can only stay online for about a minute. Thankfully the quests and events have been very entertaining and the terrain is just spectacular.


So with my Town Hall at level 3 and six plots unable to be finalised, I must say I love being able to mine and pick herbs in my garrison even without the gathering professions. Plus I have to say, going from a level 1 garrison to a level 2 is a massive change. It was so exciting to see all the extra plots and the fortified walls and I even have an outhouse now!

The following notes are more for myself so I can refer to them later.

90 – Barracks Level 1, no small plot to allocate

Follower – Olin Umberhide (Frostfire Ridge)
Two lots of garrison resources found on either end of the garrison walls

91 – Quests in Frostfire Ridge


  • Free Mulverick from cage (quest chain at Sootstained Mining Camp, Frostfire Ridge)
  • Shadow Hunter Rala (quest, Frostfire Ridge)
  • Vivianne – mission contract

Dagg – I recognised his name from my follower list so I was excited to free him during my quests in Frostfire Ridge. He just ran off after I freed him from his cage. I happened to see him caged again during some later quests – he seems to get caught a lot. Quite funny for a rare quality follower.

92 – Chose to build a Sparring Arena in my Gorgrond outpost (over the Lumber Mill). Still able to cut thick vines in the wild using a temporary shredder).

93 – Small plot blueprints are available from the vendor – used to build a Storehouse

Upgrade Town Hall to level 2 (preliminary fishing shack, herb garden, mine unlocked) – built Lumber Mill

94 – more blueprints available from vendor – built Gem Boutique, Engineering Works, Sparring Arena

Upgrade Town Hall to level 3 (preliminary pet menagerie)


  • Brutos (Gorgrond)

95 – more blueprints available – 2nd medium plot filled – War Mill

Dagg seen for a third time in Gorgrond

Shh, act natural


  • Pleasure-Bot 8000 (Clear!, Telador) – **buggy** currently not in follower list
  • Magister Krelas (Mage Tower quest line, Telador)
  • Alexi Barov (under a fallen log – Moonwillow Peak, Shadowmoon Valley) requires lumber mill
  • Aeda Brightdawn – Auchenai Precipice, Teladar (not currently in any follower list)

Chose to build the Mage Tower in my Taladar outpost which includes an Arcane Orb that follows you around and electrocutes enemies. Garrison Portal currently ports you to The Crossroads graveyard.

96 – Receive initial quests for the Herb Garden and Fishing Shack

This will allow access to the Level 2 Fishing Shack and Herb Garden blueprints as well as the fishing daily (currently buggy).

Exclamation mark has appeared on the Pet Menagerie NPC however the daily is only available once all plots are level 3.

If only the plots weren’t broken…

For more info you can check out my Garrison Guide.

Murloc Boss

Talador Rares


Talador is the heart of Draenor. It rests at the crossroads of the continent, divided by rivers that flow from the Sea of Zangar and enable marine trade and movement from east to west. At the center of Talador shines the glorious cathedral city of Shattrath: a museum metropolis, an architectural marvel, a preserved recreation of ancient draenei culture—entirely occupied by the Iron Horde.
Description from the Blizzard site



Murloc Boss




Sikthiss, Maiden of Slaughter




This list is subject to change
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