Archaeologists Rejoice!

Archaeologists Rejoice!

As probably the most exciting news to come since… my own npc, I’ve had some awesome news to share. Ever since the Toy Box was revealed, I’ve wondered whether Blizz would be able to restore all those archaeology items we’ve destroyed over the years for room. In fact, it’s something I’ve mentioned and asked several times on Twitter but I now have a definitive answer.

Fan-bloody-tastic! …especially since you can only complete each research project once per toon.

I even started levelling my third archaeologist over the weekend just so I could fill up my virtual toy box but after completing my fourth dig, I was kind of over it. Thankfully, I can spend my time focusing on other aspects, like collecting those other rare drops (again) and with 11 pages to fill, there’s still a lot. I’m excited to think just how many of spots I’ll be able to fill just from my past archaeology projects. Luckily I did keep a few of my favourites.

Arch rares

Someone asked if this would apply to Going to Need a Bigger Bag but since those items can simply be refarmed, the answer was no.

Countdown to Warlords

Countdown to Warlords

With the expansion due to release on November 13 and the 10 year anniversary running between November 21 – January 6, I’m glad we have over a month to participate in these special events. More importantly, we won’t feel the need to rush to 100. The advantage of playing through the beta several times allows me to know exactly which questlines to focus on. Levelling up was surprisingly fast the first time around so I’m glad Blizz made it a little bit harder in a subsequent build. With all the bonus objectives and rares around the place, it really won’t be hard to reach max level.


Players who log in during the anniversary period will receive this cute yet fiery Molten Corgi pet as well as the opportunity to participate in the following special events.

Molten Core (revamped)

This classic 40-player raid will be revisited and available for level 100 players who queue up via Raid Finder. Defeating Ragnaros will award players with a Core Hound Chain mount and a special ilvl 640 fiery Warlords of Draenor helm guaranteed. Pet lovers will also want to run the place more than once for a chance at Hatespark the Tiny and a Ragnaros inspired enchant.

Southshore vs. Tarren Mill – The Battle Continues

There will be two different brackets for this old-style deathmatch with one for levels 90-99 and another for max level players. PVP Designer Holinka stated the battleground will consist of 100 vs 100 matches with the ability to level up through the original honour system. Winning will give you the title of Tarren Mill Terror (Alliance) or Southshore Slayer (Horde).


Prepare for Battle

With the pre-expansion event now live on test servers, I’m really excited about the quality of life changes coming very soon like the extra void tab and Toy Box changes. For those excited about the updated models, you’ll be happy to know these will be included as part of the pre-patch, as well as the face changer in the barber shop.

You’ll also be able to try out all the new changes to classes, feel the item squish and run Mythic difficulty for SoO.

There’s also the revamped 90 version of UBRS where we’ll face-off against the bosses of the Iron Horde – Orebender Gor’ashan, Kyrak, and Commander Tharbek.


I’ll be saving these pre-events for later so I don’t spoil the surprise of experiencing it before release but I look forward to receiving the Iron Starlette as a quest reward at the new Dark Portal. Also, if you complete the quest series before Warlords launches on November 13, you’ll receive The Iron Invasion achievement and Iron Vanguard title.

So with the Dark Portal turning blood red and all these activities to do, what are you most looking forward to?

Who Are You?

Who Are You?

OK, so I’ve copied a few of my characters over to the beta and I have to say – they are unrecognisable with their updated models. Even though it was a good way to test the Garrison when my Horde one had stalled, I came face-to-face with someone who didn’t look that impressed and I can’t say I blame her.


After all, this is how she’s looked since 2006.

Cymry Rank10

About a week ago, I copied my hunter over but I can’t get over her radical changes. I mean, the Artcraft posts are one thing but when it comes to your own character, it becomes very personal, especially when you’ve played her since the beginning.

Tallys updated model

This made me quite nervous about my beloved race but after the female Draenei was revealed, I felt rather relieved. I can only hope we’ll get something similar for the Blood Elves and from Bashiok’s comment on the forums several days ago, I’m feeling hopeful.


Engineering Additions

Engineering Additions

A lot of recipes were added to yesterday’s beta build so I’ve been anxious to make the new Blingtron 5000 and three of the engineering pets.

Blingtron 5000

So far, he hasn’t given me anything interesting but I’ve only picked up two packages and have yet to battle another Blingtron.

Blingron requires 60x Gearspring Parts and 600 engineering with only 30x Gearspring Parts needed for each pet. Gearspring Parts are easily generated from work orders in the Engineering Works with an increased production if you have a follower assigned.


Now check out the details on the Mechanical Axebeak. I wasn’t too impressed with the normal hunter and organic battle pet axebeaks but this one is a lot more impressive.


Here’s the Mechanical Scorpid.

I decided to go back to the garrison after a short trip to Nagrand thinking it would make a nice backdrop for the Lifelike Mechanical Frostboar but forgot how clingy my pets can be. Lil’ Xu-Fu kept following me around so I alt-tabbed (hoping he’d turn around and walk away in the process).

Well he didn’t.

I zoomed out my camera and saw this…

pile up

I can’t even tell how many pets are on top of me >.<

Pile up on the garrison border!



The Celestial Tournament only held one item of interest for Cool but it wasn’t high on his list of priorities. Even so, he wanted the pet so I’ve been helping him out with a lot of my duplicates and recommending which DMF pets to buy. By the time he worked his way up the tamer circuit and successfully challenged Aki, he was well on his way to collecting the last Pandaren Spirit (after giving him the other three).

Cool pet battles

Until now, he’s been a pretty casual battler so when he seemed more interested in giving the Tournament a go, I felt up to the challenge. At the time, he had already levelled 10 pets so I created a spreadsheet with the teams and pets I recommended for each opponent. This helped me determine what he still needed to capture and level while I focussed on pets he already had as opposed to a replica of the teams I used in the past.

With a pretty low tolerance for pet battling, I told him which wild pets to collect while buying any cheap ones from the AH. The Menagerie Custodian was the only one we had to farm when I noticed its ridiculous sell price. Considering how easy it is to farm, I wondered how many they actually sold back then. Coolidge managed to get it on his second run through Kara which worked out as four runs between us.

Cool pet battle storm

With his limited playtime, I helped power-level a number of pets while he worked on levelling his own every few days. At times he would say it was “too much trouble” but after teaching him my tamer circuit, it became easier and easier.

At times he seemed to enjoy the experience, especially when the match went particularly well or with a nicely timed crit but most of the time it was hard to keep him motivated. On a bad day, he would remind me that he had “all expansion to do it” and was too much trouble for just one pet but this is the pinnacle of pet battling. It’s supposed to be hard or at least a challenge.

This was probably six months ago now.

Fast forward to the present where we finished levelling his last three pets for the tournament. I have to say, it was a nice surprise when he asked for “[my] help with one of my favourite activities in the game”, coaching him through my first four tamer battles. Now if he was going to complete the tournament in any given week, I would hope it was the following trio with Mari, Blingtron and Kiryn – particularly that last fight.

Winning the tournament meant one thing – little Zao.


Being a tank, it was really a no-brainer.

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