New Pets in Patch 8.2.5

In Patch 8.2.5, at least eight new pets were added but some won’t be collectable just yet. Rikki comes from the new RaF program although they have yet to implement this revamped system. His flavour text reads: Rikki has a talent for sneaking in and out of all manner of small spaces, if bribed properly with figs.

Recruit-a-Friend rewards 2019

Three butterflies will come from a boss drop and rare event in Stormsong Valley but since the rewards are tied to the new Honeyback Hive reputation, you’re better off doing this on your Alliance toon. Don’t worry if you don’t play one, these pets are cageable so you’ll be able to buy them from the AH or gifted one if you’re lucky.

Papi has finally started dropping after a sly hotfix this week. Players have confirmed you don’t need the butterfly net or a certain rep to loot one which is great news.

Let’s not forget about Lil’ Nefarion, the anniversary pet for Warcraft celebrating 15 years of playtime. To get the pet, you’ll just need to log in during the anniversary event between 16th of November to 30th of November, 2019 for N/A or one day later for us.

A mysterious feline named Jenafur was also discovered but with the help of those clever cats at Warcraft Secrets, we should be able to add another furry friend to our collections fairly soon.

Oh, and how about those two new murloc pets with our Blizzcon ticket this year? Have you checked out their cool animations like Finduin’s Mass Resurrection spell and Gillvanas’ Banshee form? A$70 is a bit steep but not surprising since it goes up every year.

Will you fight alongside brave Finduin, leader of the Mrrglliance and murloc-ified incarnation of King Anduin Wrynn? Or shall you serve Gillvanas, fearless leader of the Forseaken, on her quest for revenge against the Fish King? Both mini-leaders will bust out dance moves, combat maneuvers, and even their own mini pet to help recreate your own briny battle for Azeroth.

Meet Dottie, the adorable baby alpaca. When you adopt her in-game or in plushie form, you’ll be helping Make-A-Wish and WE charities aid children in need.

When you purchase the in-game pet by December 31, 2019 in the Blizzard Shop or the in-game shop, Blizz donate 100% of the purchase price to be shared equally with Make-A-Wish and WE.

Dottie charity pet 2019

Do you have many of these pets yet? Which one are you most excited about?

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