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Okay, so I FINALLY watched Aquaman and OMG!

There is so much I love about this movie. The costumes, the cast, the humour and the seahorses!! Well, okay…CGI. I really think they missed the boat when they didn’t include some type of archaeology questline to discover some ancient weapon or even transmog piece in Nazjatar. Cymre Jones would have been all over that!!

Come on, Blizz. Throw a relic hunter a bone (or even cube)!?

I know I’ve already featured Aquaman for my Super Sunday series but thought it would be cool to feature Mera as well. Unfortunately, there weren’t really any suitable pieces – even her land set seemed pretty ordinary for a trip to the barber and not really worth the cost of a transmog fee. That said, I already have 13 DC and Marvel features including a male and female Thor. I would love future DC movies to go in this type of direction and the first Wonder Woman movie.

Sometimes, you have to do what’s right. even if your heart aches against it.

To be honest, I had reservations when Nicole Kidman was first rumoured to be Hippolyta in Wonder Woman but thought she was pretty good in this role of Queen. So what did you think of the movie or are you like me and waited for Netflix to add it?

Aquaman - Jason Momoa by Rahzzah

A son of the land, and a king of the seas. I am the protector of the deep. I am… Aquaman.

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