Dragons, A Camel and Wrathion, Oh My!

Did you see the news about a new camel mount coming in Patch 8.2.5? You know how much I love Uldum and Egyptian themes so when I saw there was a new camel to collect, my eyes widened in anticipation of how to add it to my stable. It seemed a little odd given the theme of the expansion but thankfully, it won’t be too hard to get. You may have to fork out a little bit of money though.

camel mount

The Explorer’s Dunetrekker will be the new Recruit-a-Friend mount. Yep, the same program they just removed. There’s also a pet to collect called Rikki. His flavour text reads: Rikki has a talent for sneaking in and out of all manner of small spaces, if bribed properly with figs. There’s currently no model yet but he sounds like another monkey (hopefully with a new model and not a reskin).

Oh, and remember those butterfly models datamined last year? It seems we’ll see three more colour variations with one coming from a boss drop and the remaining two from a rare event in Stormsong Valley (see video).

Let’s not forget about Lil’ Nefarion, the anniversary pet for Warcraft celebrating 15 years of playtime and the Worldbreaker mount. To get the pet, you’ll just need to log in during the anniversary event but if you want the mount, you’ll have to revisit a number of epic bosses you’ve likely faced before.

Later this year, Blizzard will be rolling out a series of in-game activities in World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth™ in celebration of the game’s 15th anniversary, culminating in a 25-player raid (accessible through Raid Finder) that will pit players against some of the most iconic bosses from throughout the game’s history. Players who make it through this epic trial will earn the Obsidian Worldbreaker mount, designed to evoke the terrible visage of the ancient Dragon Aspect Deathwing the Destroyer.

Read more from the official press release.

A number of new models have also been revealed including an older Wrathion (who’s looking rather good ;P) and the return of Zappy Boi.

Are you looking forward to any of these events?


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August 9, 2019 at 3:47 am

Ha! I used the Suggestion Box to tell them to nerf the Anniversary Raid now.
I remember Molten Core and it was a nightmare.

So, yes, I’ll do all the stuff.

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