Archaeology in Battle for Azeroth

In Battle for Azeroth, you don’t need to be a skilled archaeologist to level up the profession. Like previous expansions, a novice will be able to step onto their first dig site in Zandalar or Kul Tiras with a 108 toon. To start, head to your archaeology trainer in your faction’s embassy (The Great Seal, Zandazar or Stormsong Valley, Kul Tiras) to learn the profession.

Things to note:

  • Each location may be surveyed 9 times (offer 5-9 fragments and one skill point)
  • As soon as you hit that sweet spot on a survey, a shovel appears
  • You can hold up to 200 fragments per race
  • A maximum stack of 20 keystones
  • There are six common solves per race with a low chance to discover a pristine version
  • Rare solves will come from digging

Levelling from 1-950 will be slow because there are only 4 dig sites spread across the whole continent and without flying, it takes a long time to hoof it by ground and taxi. It would be nice if dig sites phased us out like entering a pet battle so as soon as you activated the shovel, you could dig around in peace and not have to fight the same mobs over and over. I really think Blizz missed the boat by making the profession a little more fun, especially with that helper robot that assists you in the video.

With two main continents, it makes sense there will be a unique branch for each. Sadly, the Zandalari pet uses the same skin as a number of others like the Pygmy Direhorn but it does have Deflection which is a pretty nice change. The Restored Revenant (pictured) looks pretty cool though and similar to the Wicker Pup collected from four Treasures in Drustvar.


Keystone: Etched Drust Bone

Rare: Fetish of the Tormented Mind (trinket), Dance of the Dead (toy), Restored Revenant (pet)

Artifacts: Ancient Runebound Tome, Ceremonial Bonesaw, Disembowling Sickle, Jagged Blade of the Drust, Ritual Fetish, Soul Coffer

Dig Sites: all over Kul Tiras


Keystone: Zandalari Idol

Rare: Sanguinating Totem (trinket), Croak Crock (toy), Intact Direhorn Hatchling (pet)

Artifacts: Blowgun of the Sethra, Bwonsamdi Voodoo Mask, High Apothecary’s Hood, Rezan Idol, Urn of Passage, Akun’Jar Vase

Dig sites: all over Zandalar

The Royal Treasury

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Restored Artifacts

Good news, everyone! They’re finally adding a Restored Artifacts vendor in Patch 8.1. Just head to the archaeology trainer in your embassy who will be able to accept your crates for older branches, including Legion ones.


Author: Cymre

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  1. Did it seem to you that for a short bit Archaelogy was going to be a separate main skill? You couldn’t train in it if you already had your two main professions. I hoped they were finally going to do something fun with the profession.

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    • Ideally, I wish we could learn at least 3 primary professions. I don’t mind archaeology being a secondary one but could certainly use something to make it more unusual.

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  2. Is there a restored artifact vendor like the previous expansions? I can’t seem to find one in Zuldazar.

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    • I don’t believe so. Hopefully one will be added soon.

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  3. Without a mount. bfa arch looks very “Why bother”

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    • I agree. It’s quite underwhelming this expansion. I’ll still do it for the pets though.

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