Battle Pets in Battle for Azeroth

As we head into the beta, a number of pets have already been revealed like a new butterfly model and updated prairie dog but I’m especially excited about something entirely different. We’re actually getting a mummy pet! Okay, so I was hoping it’d be one of the new archaeology rewards but it turns out it will be a dungeon reward.

In BfA, we’ll have a new set of Pet Battle World Quests which suggests max-level content but the pets will scale down to your highest level pet on the team – like Crysa and Environeer Bert. There will also be a new type of pet currency so there’s no need to hoard your current collection any longer. A few other changes include new mechanics (on enemy pets or your own) and changes to abilities for certain pets (Bone Serpent, Crow/Gilnean Raven, Terroclaw Hatchling).

A number of companion pets (see reputation and embassy pets below) will have no stats meaning they will be unable to battle.


Achievement rewards - Battle for Azeroth

Brutus – Toybox Tycoon – collect 400 toys
Rooter – Pet Emporium – collect 800 unique pets
Hearthy – Master of Minions – collect 1000 unique pets
Battle Safari – Catch every battle pet on Zandalar and Kul Tiras
Shiny Pet Charmer – Earn 500 Shiny Pet Charms
Polished Pet Charmer – Earn 500 Polished Pet Charms


  • Spawn of Mereketha: Not much is known about the great snake Merektha and the many eggs in the Temple of Sethraliss, but the residents of Zandalar all seem to have a distinct amount of both respect and fear for these serpents. (Temple of Sethraliss)
  • Filthy Slime: You’re not entirely sure where this came from, nor do you really want to know, but you are sure that it does eat a tremendous amount of garbage.
  • Vengeful Chicken: The wisest engineers of Azeroth all know that the only thing more dangerous than a living evil chicken, is the mind of an evil chicken transplanted into the body of a mechanical chicken. (Waycrest Manor)
  • Miimii – (King’s Rest)


Direhorn Hatchling – Archaeology
Restored Revenant – Archaeology

Enchanted Tiki Mask – Enchanting


Tottle – Battle for Azeroth Collector’s Edition

Quest Rewards

pet quest rewards in Battle for Azeroth

  • Vol’dunPoda (see video), Guardian Cobra Hatchling (reward from My Hungry Neighbour)
  • DrustvarSmoochums Smoochums loved life in Glenbrook, it was full of people to play with and places to sleep, and also where unspeakable acts happen at the most innocent of tea parties.
    Taptaf – Taptaf is loyal beyond a doubt, as long as food is provided (see video)
  • Naz’mir – Dart – starts with the quest Earn Their Trust
  • Zul’dazarLil’ Tika Most predators favored the soft parts of their prey to attack first. Lil’ Tika prefers to go for the face (see video).


reputation rewards - Battle for Azeroth

Corlain Falcon – Order of Embers (revered)
Cou’pa – Tortollan Seekers (revered)
Tragg the Curious – Talanji’s Expedition (revered)
Saurolisk Hatchling – Champions of Azeroth (revered)
Seabreeze Bumblebee – Storm’s Wake (revered)


Francois – learnt from Faberge Egg (Tiragarde Sound)

Francois, a pompous member of the bockgeoisie, whose wealth and influence was born from the exploitation and labor of the peckletariat.

Pet Battle


Coastal Scuttler
River Otter


Barrier Hermit
Golden Beetle
Leafy Flutterwing
Shore Butterfly


Bloodfever Tarantula
Coastal Bounder
Elusive Skimmer
Glutted Bleeder
Returned Hatchling
Spectral Raven
Sticky Oozeling
Young Sand Sifter

Stormsong Valley

Freshwater Crawler
Honey Bee
River Frog
River Otter
Sandyback Crawler
Shadowback Crawler
Vale Marmot
Valley Chicken

Tiragarde Sound

Giant Woodworm
Inland Croaker
Parasitic Boarfly
Sandyback Crawler
Shack Crab


Hermit Crab


Lost Platysaur (companion) – 100,000G (up to 20% faction discounts apply with Zandalari Empire / Proudmoore Admiralty or if you play a goblin)

The platysaur species has been roaming around the lands since before time was even measured. An ancient species that has adapted to walking on the land, and also for some reason has adapted to repeating some short sounds three times in a row.

Happy Holaua – The pet supply vendor located in the Hall of Beasts (Horde Embassy) sells a number of non-combat pets.

Blue Flitter – So pretty you could eat it. But don’t. It’s poisonous.

Zandalari Shinchomper – Known to chomp on the shins of everything from saurids to brutosaurs.

Tiny Direhorn – A popular pet among children, despite frequent accidental gorings.

Saurolisk Hatchling – see reputation rewards

Child of Jani – The scavenger Loa thinks you can teach this saurid a thing or two. Just don’t lose sight of your coin purse.

Lil’ Ben’fon – White Brutosaurs were on the brink of extinction until some enterprising adventurers took action. Lil’ Benfon may have inherited her father’s size, but definitely has her mother’s temper!

Lil’ Tika – see under ‘quest rewards’.


Abyssal Eel
Accursed Hexxer
Barnacled Hermit Crab
Bilefang Skitterer
Bloodfeaster Larva
Carnivorous Lasher
Colonel Shucks
Crimson Frog
Drustvar Piglet
“Fixed” Remote Control Rocket Chicken
Frenzied Cottontail
Freshwater Pincher
Greatwing Macaw
Mechanical Prairie Dog
Ranishu Runt
Sandstinger Wasp
Swamp Toad
Wicker Pup

Are you excited about any of these changes? What kind of pet would you like to see this expansion? Looking for more beta content? Check out the videos.

This post is a work in progress

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Disc priest and relic hunter who loves collecting achievements, silver dragon shots and pets. Other hobbies include transmog / costumes, novelty items and all things pets.

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