Archaeology Pets

The following pets are available through various branches of the archaeology profession.


Clockwork Gnome – requires 100x Dwarf Fragments (including up to 3x Dwarf Rune Stones)

Flavour text: Mechagnomes were created by the titans, apparently as servants and caretakers, much like the earthen. This mechagnome was likely damaged because it is no longer focused on its original tasks and seems content to follow you.

Where to dig? Eastern Kingdoms



Fossilized Hatchling – requires 85x Fossil fragments

Flavour text: When you finished assembling this tiny skeleton through some eldritch magic, the little critter sprang back to life. He’s a pretty good pet. Since he’s a skeleton, he doesn’t eat much.

Fossilized Raptor + Fossilized Hatchling

As a bonus, the Fossilized Raptor may be discovered under the same branch of archaeology using another 100x Fossil fragments to complete.

Pterrordax Hatchling – requires 120x Fossil Fragments

Flavour text: It’s an adorable green baby pterrordax! Luckily, at this size, her sonic screeches won’t turn your eardrums to bloody pulps and while she’ll TRY to eat your face, it just feels like friendly little lizard-bird-thing kisses. Awww!

Where to dig? Kalimdor

Pterrordax Hatchling


Voodoo Figurine – requires 100x Troll Fragments (including up to 3x Troll Tablets)

Flavour text: Voodoo figurines such as this were built and animated to assist troll witch doctors in minor, everyday tasks such as washing loincloths or scrubbing blood off the hut floor. They were often powered by flasks of mojo, troll sweat, the flesh of tribal enemies, or by DEVOURING TINY PORTIONS OF THEIR OWNERS’ SOULS. But don’t worry. Teeny, tiny little portions. You won’t even notice they’re gone. And think how clean your floors will be!

Where to dig? Eastern Kingdoms

Idol of Decay


Crawling Claw – requires 150x fragments (including up to 3x Tol’vir Hieroglyphic)

Flavour text: A legend among the tol’vir tells of a wicked djinn whom the Ramkahen sought to destroy.  In an attempt to prevent his own death, the djinn tried to transfer his spirit into the body of a monkey.  He was slain right in the middle of the transference, and only a fraction of his essence had moved over – only enough to possess the monkey’s paw.

Where to dig? Cataclysm expansion – All over Uldum

Crawling Claw


Ancient Nest Guardian – requires 250x fragments (including up to 4x Arakkoa Ciphers)

Flavour text: Harnessing the power of the sun as a never-ending fuel, these constructs were originally built as automated caretakers for young Arakkoa. With the conflict escalating between the Adherants of Ruhkmar and the Outcasts, many have been repurposed as instruments of war.

Where to dig? Warlords of Draenor expansion – see Archaeology in Draenor post for dig sites and bonus sources of Arakkoa fragments.

Ancient Nest Guardian

Draenor Clan

Frostwolf Ghostpup – requires 175x fragments (including up to 3x Draenor Clan Orator Cane)

Flavour Text: In life, no two creatures will share a stronger relationship than that of a Frostwolf orc and his or her companion wolf. The two eat, sleep, and fight side by side until one or both dies an honorable death. Even then, sometimes not even death itself can stop a frostwolf from coming to the aid of its beloved orc.

Where to dig? Warlords of Draenor expansion – see Archaeology in Draenor post.

Frostwolf Ghostpup


Wyrmy Tunkins – starts with the quest Out of the Frying Pan in Azsuna – see video.

Flavour text: In his home realm, he commanded an army of ten million demons. Now his power is yours to command. Go make him fight a chicken!

Where to dig? Legion expansion – Stormheim, Azsuna, Suramar, Val’sharah



Restored Revenant – requires 185x fragments (including up to 3x Etched Drust Bones)

Flavour text: During times of war, the Zandalari faced off against many powerful foes. Some, even, that they could not break. Their witchdoctors devised these cursed pots and through the use of powerful magic, summoned them at different locations within the enemy’s encampment. Shortly after, a fountain of frogs would spring forth, causing a ruckus and confusing the enemy in the process. Little did they know that these frogs carried a plague with them that would quickly devastate their ranks and force them to retreat or surrender.

Where to dig? Battle for Azeroth expansion – All over Kul Tiras


Direhorn Hatchling – requires 185x fragments (including up to 3x Zandalari Idols)

Flavour text: The Zandalari are regarded for their beast taming, and one of their greatest allies is that of the direhorn. Plated skin, with spikes protruding from various directions, this creature offered both protection for itself and that of its master. It was custom for its future master to be the first to see it when it broke free from its shell.surrender.

Where to dig? Battle for Azeroth expansion – All over Kul Tiras

Author: Cymre

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    • Oh good luck! At least you can trade in those restored artifacts for some Tol’vir crates.

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  1. One day that claw is going to be mine, maybe another six or seven expansions down the line :p

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    • Oh no! Come on Blizz, give these people their claws.

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  2. I am also a member of the no claw club, and I even used all my Pandaria Archaeology trade-ins to try to get it.

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    • I actually tried to get another one on an alt so I know how frustrating it can be. Hope your luck changes one day.

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  3. I’m just now starting to recover from my loathing of archeology after the grind to get that Claw. That took a long, long time.

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    • I wouldn’t say I loathed arch but I felt so relieved after all those arch achievements.

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  4. Great list! Two questions, if you don’t mind. Is that the description for the regular Frostwolf Pup? And is there a lantern pet from archaeology as well?

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    • Thanks! I thought it was time I featured all the pets unique to the profession.

      Yes, that’s the description when you discover the pup in your journal.

      There’s no lantern created from archaeology though, just enchanting. If you’re referring to the one from Cymre Brightblade’s team, it’s a discovery unique to my npc. :)

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      • Ohhh! I didn’t realize that about the lantern. That’s so cool. I wonder where you discovered it — probably a civilization that heavily practiced magic?

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        • Possibly! @TheCrafticus might be able to offer some insight. :)

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