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Saving Uuna

Uuna is a non-combat pet looted from The Many-Faced Devourer (rare summoned at the Scavenger’s Boneyard). There are a number of bones you need to collect before you can summon the rare and you can loot him once per day. Note the drop rate was recently hotfixed.

In Patch 7.3.5, a backstory was added allowing you to learn more about this ghostly child and upgrade her model, ultimately preparing her for the upcoming scenario. Her flavour text reads:

Uuna was found bound to an Ur’zul, and was released into the Shadowlands, where she wandered in utter darkness.

To unlock her scenario, you need to trigger the following responses by emoting, travelling around the world and collecting a few items.

To start, summon Uuna and wait for the following emotes:

[quote]Mama? Mama! Why is it so dark? It’s scary here…

Can anybody hear me?


Unlocking the Scenario

Then complete the next 8 objectives (see video). This macro will track your progress:

/run local a={50098,50099,50100,50101,50102,50103,50104,50105,50106,50107,50108,50109}for i,q in ipairs(a)do print(format(“%s: %s”,i, IsQuestFlaggedCompleted(q) and “\124cFF00FF00Done\124r” or “\124cFFFF0000Not Done\124r”)) end

Target Uuna and emote three times:

[quote]Hello? Who’s there? I heard you!

Who are you? Can you help me?

It’s so dark! I can’t see a thing![/quote]

[quote]Ack! A monster!

Help! HELP![/quote]

[quote]Are you sad too? Are you lost like me?

At least we’re together now. We just… don’t know where we are.

But you’re my friend, and I know it’s gonna be okay.

I wish I could see better. It’s always so dark here![/quote]

Find a bright light

Take her to A’dal in Shattrah
[quote]It’s too bright! Too bright! Owww![/quote]

Find a dimmer light

Take Uuna to Lake Falathim in West Ashenvale
[quote]It’s gotten a little brighter! I can see… sorta.
Hey, hi! Who are you? I’m Uuna. Wanna be friends?
Maybe together we can get outta this place.
I wish Nuu were here. He’d know what to do.[/quote]

Finding Nuu

Head back to Mac’Aree, using the Shadowguard Incursion teleport and glide over to an abandoned house on one of the floating islands. If you’re not an engineer, buy a couple of Goblin Glider Kits.

[quote]Nuu-Nuu! I was scared I’d never see you again! How did you get here?
Nuu is here to help us, friend. I knew you’d find us, Nuu! I’ll hold onto him so he doesn’t get lost again.[/quote]

Locating the Wand

Head to Blood Watch, Bloodmyst Isle and find the wand on a table on the right.
[quote]I used to have a wand like that! Lost it a long time ago.
It shoots stars! Bad guys really hate that.[/quote]

Finding the Crown

Take Uuna to a little camp by the side of the road, halfway between Embaari Village and Karabor in Shadowmoon Valley, Draenor.
[quote]A crown! So pretty!
You can’t fight the dark without a crown, friend. It’s the rules.
I feel a lot better now[/quote]

After a couple of minutes, Uuna will be devoured by the darkness.
[quote]It’s dark again! Where did you go? Don’t leave me! No! Let me go! Help, friend! HELP![/quote]

Finding Uuna

Get yourself killed so you can talk to the Spirit Healer.

I’m looking for a little girl named Uuna, have you seen her?

[quote]I have heard the cries of the child you speak of.

I shall mark you, that you may pass into this realm and seek her out.

She resides in a place where the barrier between the realms of life and death are thin, and spill over into your world.

Be warned, you have no power in this place, it’s denizens cannot be harmed by mortals.

Try as you might, you may not be able to aid your friend.[/quote]

Beating the Darkness

Make your way to the Emerald Dragonshrine in Dragonblight and look for the dragon skull with a gem in the eye socket. Click the gem to enter the scenario.

Uuna - entering the scenario for A Dark Place

Find Uuna in the middle of the room
/cheer at her
[quote]Friend? Is that you?
I won’t give up, friend! I promise!
I’m just so cold, and it’s very dark here. I don’t know what to do![/quote]

Use a campfire (cooking or toy) to warm her.

[quote]There you are! That’s much better. They’re gonna be here, soon, friend. I keep running and running… but they always find me. But now you’re here. Together we can fight them! I think… Promise you won’t leave me, friend. Even when it gets dark…

They’re here…

Go away! We’re not afraid of you![/quote]

The minigame begins…

Keep the Soul Eaters away from Uuna by running into them with your body to scare them away. When they get close enough, she will emote three times.

[quote]Friend? Are you still there? I’m scared!

I… I can’t do it! I just wanna go home!

Uuna wraps her arms around herself and begins to cry.[/quote]

/hug her (as soon as she says the last line) to complete the scenario or you will fail and have to do it again.

[quote]F-friend, you’re here! You didn’t leave me! Mama told me the Light would always find me. That’s you, friend. You’re my light! And as long as my light is with me, there’s no way the darkness can win! My light is super strong! I’M NOT GONNA BE AFRAID ANYMORE! I am ready. Let us begin the ritual.

The darkness is gone! I can see! Oh, friend! We did it! We beat them! What… what’s happening? The light… it’s telling me to follow it… Mama! Papa! They’re waiting for me! Wait a sec… There’s so much I never got to do. So many places I never got to see… Is it okay if I stay with my friend? For just a little while longer?

Friend! The Light says I can stay! Woo-hoo! Tell Mama and Papa I miss them, and… and I’ll see them soon!

Okay, friend, let’s get outta here! We have so many places to go!
Uuna hugs you.[/quote]

World Tour

The last part is taking Uuna to eight locations around the world. Let’s call it Children’s Week 7.0.

Use this macro to keep track of progress:

/run local a={50140,50141,50142,50143,50144,50145,50146,50147}for i,q in ipairs(a)do print(format(“Uuna Trigger %s: %s”,i, IsQuestFlaggedCompleted(q) and “\124cFF00FF00Done\124r” or “\124cFFFF0000Not Done\124r”)) end

Vale of Eternal Blossoms, Gate of the Setting Sun – inside by the NPCs (8, 58)
Suramar, Nighthold Entrance – requires Insurrection achievement progress (62, 83)
Dalaran, Krasus Landing (74, 46)
Dragonblight, Wyrmrest Temple – base (57, 54)
Mount Hyjal, Nordrassil: lake close to the druid portal (59, 24)
Kun-Lai, Neverest Pinnacle (44, 52)
Blackrock Mountain – inside (37, 68)
Shadowmoon Valley, Karabor (70, 46)

[quote]Thank you SO MUCH for showing me this, friend! You’ve shown me so many neat things. You really are the best friend ever! I know someday I’ll have to go back to Mama and Papa. But… not yet.[/quote]

And that’s it! The reward is a pet who now hugs you when you hug her and an updated model.

Huge thanks to the clever cats in the WoW General Secret Finding channel for all their work over the last 2 days. It seems a number of people were disappointed by the reward but personally, I love her new model and reaction when you hug her now.

What do you think? Will you be doing this?


Disc priest and relic hunter who loves collecting achievements, silver dragon shots and all things pets. You may know me as Cymre Brightblade. Catch all the pet battle strategies on my YouTube channel - CymreJones


January 22, 2018 at 7:59 am

ooh I’ve had a coupe of the bones in my inventory but was stuck on the last one. now I know what they’re for I’ll go hunting and get started.
Great guide! Thanks :)

Lilithil of Earthen Ring
October 1, 2018 at 8:44 am

Thanks for the guide. I never thought to /hug Uuna while panicking about her getting swallowed in darkness. Completing this (which I had put off forever) is required for the BfA Baa’l pet.

June 12, 2020 at 4:22 am

I cannot get little Uuna to start her dialog at the Gate of the Setting Sun. I am on the right coord. I am in old Pandaria, not new. I finished the scenario successfully. At one point I disabled my add-ons. I even tried an alt. Do you know what the trouble could be?

June 12, 2020 at 7:48 pm

Thanks for getting back Cymre . I’ll stop beating my head against the gate for the time being.

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