Family Fighter

Get ready for a new breed of Family Familiar achievements. This time, you’ll be battling 18 corrupted legendaries, like the Tiny Terrors of Tanaan. They will be evenly split between the subzones of Argus, kind of like Netherstorm without the connecting bridges or flying ability. To make things easier, the Vindicaar – our mobile base of operations – offers an extensive network of teleportation hubs. Beam me up, Scotty! Thankfully, progress won’t be gated like the current set of Family Familiar NPCs so feel free to do them at your own pace – even if their quest isn’t up that day.

Antoran Wastes

Bloat (Critter)
1969 585 252

Earseeker (Flying)
2050 569 268

Minixis (Mechanical)
2294 601 195

One-of-Many (Undead)
2213 536 244

Pilfer (Humanoid)
2253 528 228



Retch (Critter)
2213 536 276
Greater Apocalypse, Deep Bite, Acid Touch
Location: Nath’raxas Hold, Krokuun

Baneglow (Flying)
2091 561 268

Deathscreech (Flying)
2172 544 309
Greater Apocolypse, Infected Claw, Lift-Off

Foulclaw (Critter)
1928 593 333

Gnasher (Critter)
2091 561 284
Greater Apocalypse, Maul, Rip

Ruinhoof (Beast)
2009 577 333


Bucky (Beast)
2050 569 293

Corrupted Blood of Argus (Magic)
2009 577 252

Gloamwing (Flying)
2131 553 260

Mar’cuus (Beast)
2172 544 301

Shadeflicker (Beast)
2131 553 284

Snozz (Critter)
1969 585 325

Quick shout-out to Lazey for locating all of the legendaries.

Family Fighter

Complete the following achievements:

Aquatic Assault Beast Blitz
Critical Critters Draconic Destruction
Elemental Escalation Fierce Fliers
Humanoid Havoc Magical Mayhem
Mechanical Melee Unstoppable Undead

Rewards the Felclaw Marsuul.

While most of the marsuul on Argus feed on fruits, this particular one prefers the juicy crunch of small rodents.

This post is currently in progress.

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