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Since the addition of a few Order Hall pets, I’ve been power-levelling my Shaman (because I’d already used my boost) through a number of Demon Invasions these past 10 days. This was a few days after the the one I tried a couple of weeks ago, which gave such piddly XP, I headed back to Uldum to battle Obalis each day. That all changed when I heard you could gain several levels from each invasion. I had to test this out!

Six invasions took me from 16 – 39(!!) so I was excited to see how close I could get to 100 before Legion launches on Tuesday. It’s almost here! I’m now on the home stretch at 91 but BOY, THAT’S A LOT OF INVASIONS! Since reaching 90, I’ve quested through the initial Pandaren quests to open up the portal back to Org and took the free teleport straight to Draenor. I’ll most likely spend the rest of my time doing as much as I can in Draenor, looting treasures and such before rounding out the last bit of XP though invasions.

A while ago, I made a template Shaman on the beta to how easy it was to get the artifact and gain access to the Order Hall and pet. That was about a month ago and after making the character, I wasn’t too keen on playing her…. until I completed several invasions and found out Shamans are quite fun to play. I’d forgotten they had all this cool stuff like Ghost Wolf, reincarnation, Blood Lust and the elemental pets.

Reading you can access the pet pretty early on, I decided to log onto the beta and collect my first artifact. Once I’d opened up the Order Hall, I was pretty anxious to have a look around but it wasn’t until I’d selected my first zone from the Scouting Map, I discovered Snowfang sitting just outside the Order Hall entrance. She gave my levelling pet a fairly decent amount of XP and was a simple enough fight.


Note: the pet is not cageable so you’ll need to play a Shaman in order to collect your own.

Author: Cymre

Disc priest and relic hunter who loves collecting achievements, silver dragon shots and all things pets. You may know me as Cymre Brightblade. Catch all the pet battle strategies on my YouTube channel - CymreJones

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  1. Wowzers, I thought getting the Kirin Tor Familiar took a lot of time, leveling up a Shaman for a pet is quite the project. This is the week to do it though, that XP is so good that I find myself laughing!
    I’ve Alted up enough characters that my new ones all get Engineering (by making goblin gliders) for the portals; it’s all about the travel.
    Good luck!

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    • Thanks! I’m just glad I already have a Druid and DH ready for the others. There’s a new kite (treasure) which acts like to the Goblin Glider in Highmountain but a couple of toons are also engineers.

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  2. Darn it i should have chosen a shaman not a priest!

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    • I boosted a priest on another server before I knew about these class pets. =/

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  3. Jeez, my Shaman is sitting there with no talents expecting to go fifth or sixth. Maybe I’ll change the leveling order because puppy!

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    • I’m just glad you can get it so quickly into the class campaign.

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