Demon Hunters and Hidden Items

There are a few NPCs unique to each faction and only available before you complete the Broken Shore scenario. As long as you’re on the initial questline, you’ll be able to see the vendors.


RavikaRavika is located by the dock at Bladefist Bay (55, 11) and sells a pair of cosmetic (invisible) shoes and three toys:

These items were previously available as part of the Patch 5.3 Battlefield Barrens event.

Fo’rum the Postmaker sells the Angry Post, Happy Post and Thoughtful Post at the Draonsh’ar Blockade.


Lenny Fingers McCoyLenny “Fingers” McCoy is standing at the northern end of Stormwind Harbour (28,27):

I’m not sure why Alliance get such crappy items but your characters will need to be at least 98 before you can do these questlines.

Note: Demon Hunters get a different questline so they won’t have access to these vendors.

As a bonus, Alliance players can collect a locket during the scenario. This rewards a cosmetic helm which can be worn by all armour types – even Horde.

Ashes of a Fallen Defender

During Stage 6, go to the altar (42, 43) guarded by Eredar summoners and loot the Charred Locket from the pile of ashes. If you can’t find it by the time you reach Stage 7, just ride in the opposite direction and you should see the altar a short distance away. The ashes will be labelled – Ashes of a Fallen Crusader.

Once you finish the scenario, travel to the Eastvale Logging Camp in Elwynn Forest. Give the locket to Alaina Hearthsong located at the inn (85, 69). Allow her to despawn by leaving the zone, then return.  Loot Alaina’s Bonnet from the chest upstairs.

Alainas Bonnet

Demon Hunter Only

Art by Kostan RyukPlayers can loot two unique items during the Demon Hunter starting zone (Mardum, the Shattered Abyss):

  • Inquisitor’s Menacing Eye (44, 77 to the left of Inquisitor Baleful) – a reusable agi/stam buff
  • 28-slot bag (73, 48) – Small Treasure Chest located between The Doom Fortress and the Fel Hammer

Have I missed any? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. Oh! That explains it, Cat was looking for Lenny and couldn’t find him. Time to send some one else who hasn’t already done the scenario to talk to Lenny.

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    • The only thing I managed to pick up yesterday was the buff item on my DH. I’m not that fussed about the bag though and just glad I’d only done the scenario on one toon. Kind of sad, Alli don’t realise why Sylvanas sounded the horn. After experiencing both sides, I’m starting to think Jaina might be a future end boss :P

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      • Same here, don’t mind missing the bag as long as I got the buff. Oh! That’s good to know, I couldn’t believe she pulled out without a reason. I guess next off will be Sasche so I know what went on with Sylvanas.

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  2. Brilliant!
    I just got the bonnet, all thanks to you!


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  3. Thanks for making this post. That’s all I’m aware of at the moment, but you can get some nice blue items by killing the rares in the area. This is a good video chain showing all of them in Mardum:

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    • No problem. I managed to kill all the rares I saw on the way which was nice.

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  4. I did the DH starter area again on an alt on another realm last night and got all the chests in the Mardum area except one which I could work out where it actually was although showing on my mini due to a Treasures add on.
    It’s a Small Treasure Chest which shows as being on the Fel Hammer but when there doing the final stage which takes you aboard the Fel Hammer I couldn’t find although I was stood on top of where it shows on the map. I tried both of the accessible levels of the Fel Hammer as well as the ground outside

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    • I just did this quest myself and had the same problem, could not find that chest in the Fel Hammer. After reading your comment I checked outside and it’s right on the edge of the world under the South end of the ship. Jump off and float down to get to it

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      • i got it. I found it when i rerolled my DH, i had an explore so as to get all treasures and drops from the races etc

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