Fashionista Changes

Attention fashion hoarders, ‘the Fabulous‘ title will require a significantly higher number of items (minus the shirt and tabard slots):

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Twenty five appearances really didn’t seem to represent all the serious collectors out there but I’m a little surprised by the 200 cloak requirement instead of say… chestpieces. What do you think? Does this make the meta easier or harder for you?

For a wardrobe preview, check out my video below.

Author: Cymre

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  1. Thanks for the heads up. I’d say the cloak requirement makes sense given that any class (I assume) can collect them so if you have a few alts it probably gets filled up quickly. Please correct me if I’m wrong in that assumption, though!

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    • That’s true, I just don’t keep many cloaks but according the my wardrobe I should be good.

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  2. I am very shocked and disappointed at the prices.
    As I recall, last year’s Blizzcon suggested that we could change our appearances on the fly; and even being able to put a set name on our action bar.
    However, at 300g every time I change my look. I’m not sure I want to get suckered into that vanity game at all!
    I had dreams, dreams I say, of having a Man About Town set and then also a Hero of Azeroth dungeoning set; swapping via a macro — dashed with diamond tears, that price is way too much.
    /cast Man About Town
    /cast Bubble Wand
    /cast Power Converter

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    • It does seem pretty steep and would be nice if we could transfer our sets from the Equipment Manager to the Wardrobe. Also, that bubble wand is one of my favourite things.

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  3. I think having played with WoWhead’s thingie and also having lots of alts who all wear cloth and can use staves, I’m in a pretty good place. Belts for some weird reason is at the moment my biggest issue, it’s not something I tend to keep from dungeon.

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    • I don’t think all valid items are counting at the moment. I’ll likely need a few shirts though.

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