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Battle Pets in Legion

Get ready, folks. Almost 100 new pets are coming including a number of wild pets. Sadly, most are reskins but you can check out several new models under the Wild Pets of the Broken Isles.



Rescued Fawn
Nightmare Treant
Zoom – Snail racing in Highmountain (see video)


Stormborne Whelpling

Benax – Anax in Meredil, Suramar
Bleakwater Jelly – Soulthirster in Helheim (see video)
Crispin – Tenpak Flametotem in Highmountain
Eye of Inquisition – Felsoul Inquisitor in Soul Vaults, a cave in the south end of Felsoul Hold, Suramar
Fetid Waveling – Pollous the Fetid (summoned by Filandras Mistcaller) in Dreadroot, Val’sharah
Hungering Claw – Kosumoth the Hungering
Nightmare Whelpling – Ysondre in The Emerald Nightmare
Pygmy Owl – Gorebeak in Val’sharah. Ask Lorel Sagefeather in Whispering Bluffs to summon the bird
Risen Saber Kitten – Darkshade located at Ravencourt in Black Rook Hold, Val’sharah
Stormborne Whelpling – Stormwing Matriarch located on the Galebroken Path, Stormheim


Corgnelius – It’s so FLUFFY!
Firebat Pup – Friends, not Food

Order Hall

Druid: The Dreamgrove
Broot and Nightmare Lasher – need to be 105 and choose Evergreen for your Tier 2 Order Hall upgrade

Shaman: The Maelstrom, Storm’s Eye Overlook
Snowfang –  unlocked once you can enter the order hall

Warlock: Dreadscar Rift / Demon Hunter: The Fel Hammer
Hateful Eye –  need to be 105 and choose Twisting Nether for your Tier 2 Order Hall upgrade


AlchemyTransmutant, Ridgeback Piglet, Thaumaturgical Piglet
ArchaeologyWyrmy Tunkins
EnchantingEnchanted Cauldron, Enchanted Torch, Enchanted Pen
EngineeringKnockoff Blingtron, Trigger
FishingSting Ray Pup

PVP Reward

Alliance Enthusiast
Horde Fanatic


Ashmaw Cub

Ashmaw Cub – complete the event for Adopting the Adorable in Lunarwing Shallows, Val’sharah (see video)
Emmigosa – starts with Runas Knows the Way in Azsuna
Grumpy – save Grumpy from a burning house in Val’sharah
Lurking Owl Kitten – starts with Feline Frantic in Irongrove Retreat, Suramar (see video)
Skyhorn Nestling – starts with Oren Windstrider in Rockcrawler Chasm, Highmountain
Untethered Wyrmling – once you’re Honoured with the Nightfallen, a new questline leads you to the Twilight Vineyard up to Balance to Spare.
Wonderous Wisdomball – unlocked with the Strange Humming Crystal (Kirin Tor emissary cache)



Ash’ana – Dreamweavers (revered)
Baby Elderhorn – Highmountain Tribe (revered)
Court Scribe – Court of Farondis (revered)
Extinguished Eye – The Nightfallen (revered)
Fledgling Warden Owl – The Wardens (revered)
Sunborne Val’kyr – Valarjar (revered) inspired from a pet battle thread


Thistleleaf Adventurer – Looted from Dreamweaver Provisions (reward for completing a set of  World Events in Val’sharah)
Leyline Broodling – looted from a chest in Withered Training Army scenario, Suramar


The Mad Merchant

Historian Ju’pa (Orgrimmar) and Historian Llore (Stormwind)

  • Corgi Pup – WoW’s 12th Anniversary celebration

Laura Malley in the Dalaran Sewers

Draemus is a new vendor in Breanni’s shop (Dalaran):

Breanni sells a new pet:

World Event

Felbat Pup – sold by the Captive Wyrmtongue in the Illidari staging area of Orgrimmar or Stormwind for 150 Nethershards (during the pre-launch Legion invasion)

Legionnaire Murky & Knight-Captain Murky – Blizzcon pets

Odd Murloc Egg –  Squirky


Mischief – charity pet
100% of the proceeds go to the Make-a-Wish Foundation (during December)


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June 14, 2016 at 3:03 am

Yike! And the mount the Mad Merchant sells is 2 million. I’m going to cross my fingers and hope these might be placeholder amounts. Maybe he’ll put them on sale when we all show up :)

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