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I often look up ‘Lara Croft Funko’ and then wonder what it would be like to see a Cymre Jones Funko POP one day. This led me to Funko’s Coming Soon page which included a very cool addition.


Apparently, this was already revealed at Blizzcon last year.
[quote]Funko will debut concepts for their upcoming line which will be available in April 2016 just ahead of the film’s release.


We may also see something in February, if this tweet is anything to go by…

Anyone going?

I admit I don’t really have too many Funkos (except for Wonder Woman, Superman, Daenerys and Groot) but for those of you who are excited to collect these, you’d better make some room.

12/02/2016 – Entertainment Weekly have previewed a couple of Funkos debuting at this week’s Toy Fair.


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