Heroic Ruined City

Phew! This wing proved more challenging with a priest deck. Good thing I had the patience and determination to persevere.

Lord Slitherspear

Each time he summons a naga, it will increase by 1/1 so you either need to buff your minions ASAP or silence /destroy the stronger minions he summons. The good news is, he doesn’t have many taunts so you can deal some insane damage early on. I literally drew the perfect cards in the first few turns.


All I can say is Rwlrwlrwlrwl (in my best murloc voice). Talk about a lot of murlocs!

Early board control was a must or the match would be over in 3 or 4 turns. I included a number of silences and shadow word cards and even included a Hungry Crab but didn’t end up using it. I was able to buff one of my cards up high enough to take out a few minions (higher than 1 attack) before I beat down the hero.

You’re aiming to have all 1/1’s on Giantfin’s side so the last thing you want to do is wipe the board so he can resummon a bunch of buffed murlocs.

Lady Nazj’ar

This required lots of cheap minions since they all get replaced at the end of her turn. The ones with battlecry minions proved most useful but you could also use a couple of charge minions too. The aim is to get as many minions onto the board while destroying as many of hers without killing of your own.


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