Changes to Archaeology

This is my first look at some of the information revealed at Blizzcon and datamined information. 

During Blizzcon, we were told archaeologists would be taken on an expansion length campaign revealed over several months and shown what looks like two rare solves from the Highbourne and Demonic branches of Legion.


HighborneHighmountain Tauren and Demonic will be the three new branches.

Rare solves include the Starlight Beacon (above), Spirit of Eche’ro (mount) and Wyrmy Tunkins (pet).


Plus, we’ll finally have our own building in Dalaran. (Images courtesy of Wowhead)


  • Riverbend
  • Aggramar’s Vault
  • Keelay’s Lumber Camp
  • Southern Helmouth Shallows
  • Northen Helmouth Shallows
  • Fields of An’she
  • Screeching Bend
  • Snowblind Mesa
  • Bradensbrook
  • Kal’delar
  • Whispering Bluffs
  • Andu’talah
  • Shala’nir
  • Shaladrassil
  • Legion Camp: Chaos
  • Llothien
  • Southern Ambervale
  • Northern Ambervale

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