Heroic Uldaman

What can I say? After clearing the first wing just a few days ago, I was itching to try out the new one coming out today. Unfortunately, I only had 235 coins so I decided to purchase the new wing, knowing I would have two weeks to gather enough for the third wing coming out next month.

Here are my tips and playthoughs using a priest deck on the first and third mission.

Chieftain Scarvash

Watch out for the green coloured secret dealing 5 damage to a random enemy. I needed to make sure Reno Jackson could use his Battlecry so Shadow Work: Pain and Death were the only two cards I doubled up on.

P.S. Sped up the video due to lag. Now it’s chipmunk style :P

Mine Cart Rush

Since you don’t actually work with your own deck, I wanted to tackle this mission last. Pretty entertaining like the Temple Escape from the previous wing and only two mana to play throughout the match. Each card (and hero power) costs 1 mana so choose wisely and you’ll see Brann riding that cart to victory. Pure RNG here with either good or bad card draws.


It was handy to have a lot of minions up since there’s a chance he will target one of your minions instead of your hero when all statues are destroyed. Aim to wipe the board of any statues or they will hit up to 30 damage at once!  If you can, try and fill your side with normal minions so he can’t add any.

Watch out for that yellow secret destroying the fourth minion you play. If you time it right, you can use it to your advantage and buff one of your minions. (3:40 timestamp)

All three decks are listed in the video descriptions on YouTube.

Have you defeated these yet? Let me know how you went and what decks you used?

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