Heroic Temple of Orsis

Late Sunday night, I finally scrounged up enough coins to play through the first wing of the new Hearthstone adventure – the League of Explorers. The Temple of Orsis proved to be an enjoyable experience – including the excavation board.

ExcavationBoardMy wish had come true!

Normal modes were nice and easy but heroics took a lot of tweaking. Of course, RNG also comes into play but that’s just part of the challenge.

Zinaar (Heroic)

By the time I beat the heroic, it was really late so excuse the delayed responses and premature windfury sacrifices. I still won so that’s all that matters, right?

Board control is key or you’ll find yourself dealing with too many opposing minions. It still came down to luck with early card draws but thankfully priests have several ways to wipe the board. Get rid of your high cost minions because you won’t get a chance to play them unless your Alarm-o-Bot gets a turn off.

Lightbomb works wonders if you manage to get that spell.

Sun Raider Phaerix (Heroic)

You’ll either want to silence the staff or destroy it (if you don’t get a silence in the first few draws). Note he’ll still be immune if you only silence so be sure to destroy it with Shadow Word: Pain or just hit it with something to get it off the board.

If you do manage to get Shadow Word: Pain at the start, destroy it immediately. He tends to ignore minions with no attack but will eventually hit it so you may as well silence it when you can.

As you can see, I got really lucky a couple of times and Gahz’rilla makes it that much easier and fun!

Temple Escape (Heroic)

Since I predominately use a priest deck, I always like to use Anduin to play through these challenges. At first it was quite challenging until I realised you can just force them to hit a bunch of kamikaze minions. I was able to steal and swap a lot of good minions and drew really well this match. Thank you RNG!

You should be able to do this with ANY deck since it’s essentially made up of cheap taunts. Pick all the ones with Divine Shield and a couple of Sludge Belchers.

The match ended in an amusing stalemate, of sorts.

Sometimes it all just comes together. OK, let’s see how fast I can collect the next 700 coins for Uldaman. Hmm, see you in about a week!

Have you tried this new adventure yet? What decks did you use to beat each challenge?

Author: Cymre

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  1. I’ve given up on Hearthstone, I don’t think it’s possible to be worse than me. They can’t find anyone that bad to pair me with, lol.

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    • I usually find it’s easier at the end of the month since all the serious players are trying to get their ranks at the start. With a new expansion though, I don’t think that’s necessarily the case. :P

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