Blizzcon Legion Game Systems Panel

Today we had an opportunity to hear about the major features coming in Legion starting with Craig Amai who spoke about artifacts. He showed us all the different artifact forms and ways you can slowly power up your weapon by earning artifact power. This comes from various sources like killing rares, raid bosses and winning BGs. You will also be able to unlock different colours after completing certain achievements or tasks. Relics may also be used to increase your ilevel or get bonus ranks from socketing your weapon.

Discipline artifact forms
Discipline artifact forms

Class Halls should represent your class so you feel like a priest or a warrior whenever you’re in that space – like Moonglade for druids only better. They won’t be a place where you’ll hang out all the time but there will be a shrine to upgrade your weapons, see your class champions and pick up class orders. Each hall will offer special perks like an eagle flight network for hunters while druids can access the Dream to traverse different areas. There will also be a mechanic so you can easily access your class hall.

Next up was Jonathon LeCraft (who was great to see on stage) to speak about all things demon hunter. The amount of customisation was cool from your blindfold to your tattoos. Fury is the resource they use to build up attacks (like rage for warriors). There were short videos on various abilities like Demon’s Bite, Blade Dance, Eye Beam and lots of cool movement effects. Spectral sight lets you see through walls and inside treasure chests. This should make PVP more interesting/annoying.

Kris Zierhut spoke about various class changes including a new resource for shadow priests. They will be tapping into the power of the old gods so they will be using insanity instead of mana. Insanity builds up until shadowform transforms into voidform at 100 insanity.

Things really got interesting when Paul Kubit started taking about professions. They want professions to be more engaging so we’ll need to go out and find new recipes or an NPC who can fulfil a specific need you have. Nodes will be shared with everyone within a short window. They will have an internal timer from the first person who interacts with it. Recipes will also have ranks so it’s not just about learning all the recipes. There’s a new UI too and you can drag your favourite recipes to the top of the panel! :O


Crafted gear should feel special so engineers will have googles made of gun parts. You’ll be able to shoot things with them! Jewelcrafters will make neckpieces with a guaranteed gem slot. Major glyphs are gone! You will be able to apply all the minor glyphs though.

Archaeologists get a quest chain!!

Nomi’s back and all grown up. He will help us discover new recipes and let us cook bacon. Fishing should also feel like an adventure. First aid will introduce two new bandages.

Legendary items are now rare world drops. Personal loot can also be traded to those on the same tap if you receive a duplicate item.

OMG! Transmog news!

newtransmogui outfitsui

As soon as you learn an item, it’s unlocked on your account (provided you can use the item on a certain class). There are also outfit lists you can save and flip at the click of a button. As I started tweeting, the info only became more awesome.

Every item you own will be automatically added – even quests you’ve completed from vanilla and you didn’t even have to choose that reward! THIS IS HUGE! Oh, and you can now hide your shoulders. Shirts and tabards will also be included as well as weapon enchants.

This last stuff is so exciting! Can’t wait!!


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November 8, 2015 at 5:33 pm

The transmog news were perfect! Exactly what I was hoping for :D Can’t wait to clear up space in my bank and void storage so I can go do transmog runs again!

November 9, 2015 at 12:21 am

So much good stuff in that panel. Obviously looking forward to the wardrobe and thrilled by node sharing finally. Now I just have to decide will my Demon Hunter be male or female. Hopefully I’ll figure out by launch, lol.

November 9, 2015 at 7:09 pm

That transmog stuff made my day. It is the best reason to buy Legion IMO, better than new raids, new class or new talents. I saw that and I thought, Cymre is going to have bag space again.

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