Blizzcon Opening Ceremony

There was a lot exciting news during the Opening Ceremony including the much anticipated world release of the Official Warcraft trailer. Hearthstone also revealed their new adventure called the League of Explorers playable next week.

Join the League of Explorers and embark on the adventure of a lifetime. Explore Azeroth’s most mysterious archaeological sites and discover ancient treasures! Travel alongside famous treasure hunter Brann Bronzebeard and his merry band of intrepid action-archeologists on a race to uncover the pieces of the Staff of Origination, a priceless, ancient artifact. But beware, for you are not the only one who’s hunting the artifact. Others have picked up the scent as well, so you’ll have to play your cards right to stay one step ahead of the competition and keep the Staff of Origination from falling into the wrong hands!

Dust off the old explorer’s hat, pack your cards, and let the adventure begin!

LeagueofExplorersTalk about my kind of expansion! Note you’ll first need to unlock all 9 heroes and will introduce the new keyword Discover! allowing you to dig up 3 cards so you can select the one most useful. I’d better start building up my coins again.

Cards like the overpowered Gold Monkey bring me back to my childhood watching that show with the same name back in the 80’s.

BabyWinstonOverwatch certainly piqued my interest with the Baby Winston pet – a perk from purchasing Overwatch: Origins Edition (AUD$89.95). Sadly, I don’t think I’ll be getting one as I don’t really see myself playing it.

Now check out the new cinematic trailer for Legion. See Varian like you’ve never seen him before. Nice to see Sylvanas making an appearance too.

I love how both factions will come together as Varian rightly yells FOR AZEROTH!


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November 8, 2015 at 5:13 am

Finally getting to see that trailer was wonderful! And the cinematic for Legion just made it better. Yeah, Overwatch looks really good but I would be sooooo bad at it that I doubt I’ll be buying it even for a cute little Winston pet.

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