Draenor Curator

Hell yeah, baby! I’m done with Archaeology – at least for another expansion. It was really starting to feel like those pristine solves were taking a lot longer to complete so I decided to compare them with the ones from Pandaria.


Ogre: 243

Draenor: 287

Arakkoa: 271

Total: 1072


Mantid: 264

Pandaren: 298

Mogu: 668

Total: 1230

Yeah… it really wasn’t.

I ended up using 30 randomisers but they ended up being pretty useless since I was getting more dig sites I didn’t have any use for. The same thing happened with my Explorer’s Notebooks which gave me an abundance of Draenor and Ogre fragments and keystones. Thankfully, I bought 20 cheap Arakkoa Ciphers to help with the grind.

Draenor Curator

I thought it only fitting to take a picture with the artifact which gave me the most trouble – the sundial from the Arakkoan branch.

This weekend, I’d love to hear some exciting archaeology news but until then, here are some thoughts I had about the future of archaeology.

Author: Cymre

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  1. There’s only one problem I have with the trophy room. The items are non-interactive. At the very least, I’d like for them to display their names when you hover over them. Ideally, right-click on them to see the details of the relic.

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    • Yes, that’s one thing I appreciated in the Seat of Knowledge, especially after all that effort.

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  2. Congratulations! I need to remember to do it. I’m usually wasting time hanging around hoping one of those Voidtalon portals will show up.

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    • Thanks. I’m in the same boat with Poundfist. I’m not convinced he exists…

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  3. Grats!!! OMG I look at my list and it just fills me with dread LOL. Glad you got yours done!

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    • Thanks! Really hope they make some improvements to the profession though.

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