I Found Pepe!

Pepe has recently been spotted in four new outfits located around Draenor. Find all four to receive some fun in-game items and even an achievement. To help us out, Blizzard has offered some clues but if you only have a few mins to spare, check out the images and coordinates below.


Viking Pepe – Nagrand (80.1, 50.4)

This Pepe will be easy for anyone to spot.
Viking Pepe always thought his dancing moves were hot.

Find him in the Ring of Trials checking out the moves of these two dancing goblins.


Knight Pepe – Talador (51.0, 63.3)

Sir Pepe is a knight, you see, but every warrior needs a rest.
You’ll find him half-asleep right now near a pile of amythest.

Head to the north side of Auchindoun (located between 12 – 1 o’clock on the map).


Pirate Pepe – Spires of Arak (54.1, 83.6)

Pirate Pepe flew down south to visit his feathered friends.
You’ll find him there relaxing in some arrakoa ru-ins.

The ruins are found in the south-western end of the zone surrounded by a few hydras.


Ninja Pepe – Gorgrond (47.5, 41.3)

What killed these iron hordies, you thought you knew—but alas, you were wrong.
Turns out it was the stealthy Ninja Pepe all along.

Fly north from Breaker’s Crown (flight path) to find Rolkor (rare) who’s taken up residence in the small iron horde camp.

Note: you do need to click each one to get credit for the achievement. The best part is, that particular version of Pepe will appear on your head (for up to an hour) and you’ll receive an item which has a chance to dress Pepe up like a ninja, pirate, knight or viking when summoned.

As usual, if you prefer a video, here’s a run-through starting from my garrison in Frostfire.

There’s also a new plushie for sale in the Blizzard Store. He comes with little clips which are ready to attach to your head (or anything else you can think of).


Last but not least, Wowhead is giving away a few of these plushies so if you’re feeling lucky, head on over.


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  1. That was fun yesterday, Cat dropped her pursuit of mounts to hunt him down. Such a nice change from mount hunting disappointment, lol!

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    • I know exactly how you feel. Here’s to one mount dropping for both of us this week!

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