Your Wish for Legion

A week ago, I posted the following image, asking players one thing they’d like to see in Legion.

It was great to see such a varied number of responses from almost 7,000 views. A selection of these may be found below.


Coolidge hopes they will follow through with the fantasy of each spec. Something they’ve mentioned in previous expansions but haven’t fully explored. Wampuh would like something other than a mace for the arms warrior artifact, while Binky would like nothing more than gnome hunters.


Manech wanted to see professions returning to a more meaningful and in-depth part of the game which does sound great although maybe not for those who want to quickly level up a new profession.


Another popular theme was replayability – making the story as unique as possible. This was a view shared by Lance who asked for more story content and well told quest chains. Scott would also like to see lots of fun daily quest hubs like the ones we had in MoP.

Now imagine the ability to ‘timewalk’ the whole of Azeroth so we could re-experience old/removed content. Damon realises this would be quite an impossible feat but I sometimes wish I could go back and replay old zones and expansions like an old home movie.

Dungeons and Raids

Atomic Custard asked for an expac that makes dungeons and raids hard again, without CC (like cata pre-nerf) and even the return of 10M for Truanaku which I kind of miss as well.


There was quite a bit of interest in the ability to hide your shoulders and while I don’t see this happening, Dark Matter Zine asked for female characters to dress appropriately and stop being reduced to sex objects.


PVPers wished for a range of things including the return of classic AV to 1v1 arena and just more battlegrounds and arena in general.


After the turnaround in Warlords, it’s not surprising to see someone ask Blizzard to clearly state what they’re doing about flying before the expac drops. Although I can see why they didn’t include flying to begin with, I can appreciate the addition once I had fully explored the whole continent and going forward, I would hope they allow us to fly once we’ve done everything there is to do.

So what do you think? Do you agree or disagree with any of these?

You can check out the full list of wishes on twitter and feel free to add your own. Who knows, maybe we’ll see a few of these next year.

Author: Cymre

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