Two Worlds. One Home.

With such a big Warcraft presence at San Diego Comic-Con this year, I had high hopes for Legendary to reveal some highly anticipated info during their panel at 2.30pm. In one interview, the director (Duncan Jones) said it would be “a great taster of what to expect from the film” but that didn’t necessarily mean a trailer.

Two exclusive posters have emerged showing a couple of the main characters – Lothar (Travis Fimmel) and Durotan (Toby Kebbell), as well as the official synopsis for the movie.

The peaceful realm of Azeroth stands on the brink of war as its civilization faces a fearsome race of invaders: Orc warriors fleeing their dying home to colonize another. As a portal opens to connect the two worlds, one army faces destruction and the other faces extinction. From opposing sides, two heroes are set on a collision course that will decide the fate of their family, their people and their home.

Doesn’t that look and sound fantastic?

Edit: A few days later, Lothar’s shoulderpads were fixed by someone on Reddit.

Apparently, they showed over 5mins of footage but no trailer. Well, sorry folks. Maybe next year.

Until then, here’s a summary from

They showed a LOT of footage, not just a trailer

Basically it starts with a focus on the Horde as it shows a bunch of them walking across the wilderness until they come to an area with a bunch of green orcs

We spend some time with the orcs as they realize they need to find food and water to save their world

It shows a lot of Durotan and his wife who is pregnant and that seems to be a big part of the story

But we see a wizard creating a portal from the souls of prisoners

Anyway, the wizard creates the portal and the orcs rush through it and for that whole section we haven’t seen a single human

When they get through the portal, they first see the humans on horseback and we get to see King Llane and some of the other characters who say that the Horde are monsters that need to be destroyed

There was a lot of footage of all the characters but it kept coming back to Durotan and his wife who has the baby in the human world where he’s in danger

They didn’t show a trailer but full footage, probably; 5-6 minutes and they were using the large side screens so the footage was being extended to either side

For a more detailed account, check out the post from i09.

Casting Update

Two notable roles include Terry Notary as Grommash Hellscream and Anna Galvin as Draka.


Terry has worked as a movement couch in a number of movies such as The Hobbit, Avatar, several Planet of the Apes movies and even Superman Returns. He’s been described as the most qualified motion capture specialist in terms of ape movements and with that list of credits, it’s easy to see why.

Anna is an Aussie actress who has appeared in many TV shows such as Smallville and SGU Stargate Universe. In an interview, Duncan revealed Draka only had a small role but since Anna did such an amazing job, her part grew over the course of the film.

Now for those of us who haven’t seen any footage yet, it’s getting harder and harder to stay hyped for a movie that’s still eleven months away. Come on Legendary, give the public something to see finally.

Edit:  Spoiler alert!

OMG! We have a date finally!

Is it November yet?

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