The Hype is Real

Warcraft fans have been itching to see a trailer (or in my case, any footage) for quite some time and it seems this will finally become a reality on Saturday, July 11 during the Legendary panel at Comic-Con in San Diego.


Attendees were able to get up close and personal with this life-sized Orgrim Doomhammer statue as well as some impressive looking armour and props from the movie. Talk about an imposing figure as he towers over everyone.


The Legendary VR app was also revealed teasing you could “Step into the Warcraft movie and soar across the skies of Azeroth.” It’s available to download from the App Store and Goggle Play but so far, it’s only compatible with certain devices (minus Samsung and HTC) or geoblocked in certain countries. Duncan Jones encouraged us to keep trying though as it gets rolled out to other countries and hopefully more phones. Until then, check out this footage.

Note: for the best experience, you will need Google Chrome for 360° video playback.


The logo has gone through some changes too and I have to say, I like it a lot more than the one they revealed at Comic-Con last year. It definitely has more of a Warcrafty feel as opposed to the previously criticised Starcraft look of the one below. By the time Blizzcon rolled around, the logo had already changed to what we pretty much see above.


All I can say is, I really hope they make the footage public but if past history is any indication, I won’t hold my breath.


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