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Darkmoon Faire – 6.2

Good news, everyone. The Darkmoon Faire is up again with three new pets to collect. First off, you’ll be whacking a lot of gnolls to collect a miniature version of Hogger but note you’ll need to collect a whopping 45 points from one session of Whack-a-Gnoll opposed to the normal 30.  That may sound impossible if you’ve played the game before but they’ve increased the number of potential Hogger spawnings to compensate.

Hogs You will also need to farm a new type of currency for the two pets offered by Galissa Sundew on the dock. Blorp’s Bubble and the Translucent Shell will require 150 Darkmoon Daggermaw which is easily fished or bought from the AH. She also offers some fishing recipes, a toy and a Faded Treasure Map similar to the one from the Timeless Isle. The treasure rewards 100 Darkmoon tickets and only takes 5mins to complete if you know where to look so if you’re short on tickets, it’s definitely worth doing.

GhostshellCrab On a side note, Chester no longer discriminates and sells all gear (regardless of gender).


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July 7, 2015 at 5:16 am

Thank you Cym! I hadn’t even noticed it was here. Cat better get over there and get some whacking and fishing done.

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