Grave Golem

Woot! It’s finally done. As I mentioned previously, it was a hassle trying to get 20 levels since it was hard to stay motivated, playing by yourself. I only started playing the day before it went into open beta but figured, earning a pet must be better than buying an expansion for a game you don’t even play, right?

I begrudgingly logged on to play a few games each day until this last week when there wasn’t any motivation at all. There were several turds who weren’t shy about letting their opinions known like calling you a bunch of retards or just telling you to AFK because a bot would be more useful. Luckily this was only in the last week or so but I managed to get to level 14 before Coolidge decided to finally install the game. He helped me get another 3 levels which understandably was a lot more fun and guess what? He now says he’s addicted. /PSH


Today I was really close to level 18 so I buckled down to get those last two levels. Having played most of my games with Valla, I figured I should try and get some of these dailies out of the way. I tried about 10 different heroes but only liked two from the free hero rotations. Jaina turned out to be a lot of fun as well as Tyrael exploding for maximum impact. Sadly, I didn’t really like Tyrande even though she was one of the coolest looking characters and tried Kerrigan for a handful of matches before deciding what to use my gold on. It would have been nice to buy another Stimpack since I didn’t get much use out of the free one at level 10 but sadly you can only use cash. In the end, I chose Sylvanas because she looked quite fun to play and had an awesome looking Ranger-General skin.


I ended up doing a mixture of AI, Co-op and QMs with a total of 71 games played including 46 games won. I had the highest success rate in Haunted Mines which doesn’t seem that surprising since it’s the easiest at gathering resources. My favourite battleground would have to be Sky Temple and Dragon Shrine but Blackheart’s Bay was fun too with the treasure chests and watching those cannons shoot across the screen.

Now I just need to wait until I can log back in and claim my little creeper. Earlier tonight, I thought I would be stuck at 699 pets until tomorrow’s 6.2 additions but as it turns out, I made 700 pets after all. :)

Makes me wonder how many pets I’ll need to level tomorrow?

Author: Cymre

Disc priest and relic hunter who loves collecting achievements, silver dragon shots and all things pets. You may know me as Cymre Brightblade. Catch all the pet battle strategies on my YouTube channel - CymreJones

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  1. Congratulations! Ha! Now you’ve got Cool addicted! Maybe one day I’ll try it again when the new wears off 6.2.

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    • Thanks! I tried getting him to install it earlier but better late than never. :)

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  2. Hi Cymere, grats on reaching lol 20! It’s a shame you got nerd-raged, I’ve been playing to reach lvl 20 too. Do you know if blizzard have put a time frame on it?

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    • Level 20… Silly autocorrect

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    • Thank you. It was but I’ve read LOL is worse with that sort of thing. There doesn’t seem to be any time limit on the pet so you should be good.

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      • Awesome :) hope to see you in game sometime.

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