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I still haven’t watched Mad Max: Fury Road but after hearing so many positive reviews about the movie and Imperator Furiosa, in particular, I thought she would make a great feature.


The only downside to doing this now is seeing something which clearly yells ‘Spoiler Alert’ but apparently that happens pretty early in the movie. Oh well, too late now. =/

Furiosa Furiosas

It’s not often I get to include shoulders as part of the costume so this turned out to be an (almost) complete set and while I always try to match the colours used, she ended up using a darker palette than I intended.



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June 2, 2015 at 3:05 am

I haven’t seen it yet either, I think the last movie we actually left the building for was Avatar. I usually wait to get it through paid cable, Amazon or other ways I can watch right here. Can’t wait.

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