Let There Be Orcs

A couple of days ago, the first shots of Ogrim were revealed from the upcoming Warcraft movie. I mean, talk about some much needed eye candy.


What a meaty beast you are.

If he isn’t the most realistic orc you’ve ever seen, I don’t know what is. The folks over at Industrial Light and Magic really know their stuff and you know it’s going to be epic when Cary Phillips, the R&D Supervisor says:


and even the director had this to add:

Another day of mind-blowery! Warcraft is going to have so much visual depth, you’re gonna need a lifeguard to watch it!

Leeroy Jenkins even had a cameo in the original script but it’s unknown whether he made it into the film. I sure hope he did.

Any guesses for when we’ll finally get to see a trailer? I’m thinking they’ll surely have to show something at Blizzcon but only time will tell.

Author: Cymre

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  1. He looks fantastic and my mind is buying him 100%. I always knew there were Orcs out there. I just hope some kind of trailer is released to the general public soon. I’ll bet they show something at Blizzcon but if it’s only for attendees again I will definitely pout.

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    • If not a trailer at Blizzcon surely some sort of footage at least.

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