Super Sunday

DC vs Marvel Minis

Over the past few years, I’ve featured a number of heroes and villains as part of my Super Sunday series but I was curious to see how they would look as my own kind of Funko Pop collection. One of these days, I need to find a way to make my own custom POP of Cymre Jones.

Gnomes became the obvious choice, except I couldn’t pull off a male Aquaman, Daredevil, Batman and Captain America – especially when they sport pink handlebar moustaches. Thanks MogIt! The only exceptions were Thor who needed a slightly grungier look and The Hulk who used the obvious option.

dcminis marvelminis  Superminis

Unfortunately, these were the only costumes I had saved but as a special bonus, check out my furry Wolverine options.


Even though I’m still a DC girl at heart, that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy both, right?

So tell me, what team are you on and do you have a favourite Super I haven’t featured before?


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May 11, 2015 at 8:29 am

I’m also DC at heart. The only toon I have that would qualify as a DC “Mini” though is Robin:
Which is actually part of a trio of multiboxed toons including, on the same server, Btmn & Btgrl

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