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Last night I noticed some traffic for the remaining quest I needed for Master Relic Hunter so I was itching to do it as soon as the daily quests reset. Unfortunately, I was too tired by then and had a sneaking suspicion he would no longer be in my garrison this morning so I went to sleep. Fortunately, another player had him in their garrison as soon I as checked Group Finder today so I was well on my way.

The chain proved to be one of the quickest out of the bunch since I’ve completed the chain before and was able to loot the journal after 6 kills. The only bottleneck came from the cauldron during that last step but thankfully I didn’t have to click the cauldron more than twice (after prematurely getting kicked out of the spirit realm about halfway through).


I haven’t been this excited since seeing my own npc in-game six months ago. Someone told me he was listed as a Subtlety Rogue (I’m assuming on Alliance since he was already listed as one for Horde). Funnily enough he still has a gun so I wonder if that will change later. Never-the-less, there’s been  something I’ve been saving for this very moment – the Blademaster’s Necklace which is the reward from one of the garrison campaigns.

Harryrare Harryepic

This gave him:

  • Evasion which counters Massive Strike and
  • Wastelander which increases success change in desert environments.

OK, so I think it’s finally time to rebuild my War Mill so I can gear up my followers for those new Blackrock Foundry missions – one of which I have right now. At least I have a few days before the mission disappears and will make good use of those Iron Horde Scraps collecting dust in my bags.

Here’s the complete list of relic quests for those interested:

which include some video playthroughs.

Now to send Harrison off on his first mission. Welcome to the team Harry.

Author: Cymre

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  1. You know Harrison, he’s probably out scouting a dig site or something. I think I have two or three more to go. I didn’t think to check group finder for a couple of days after the patch, I’m behind!

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    • I forgot about the spawn point (on the hill outside the barracks) when you recruit new followers. Funnily enough, he didn’t come up when I spammed my macro. Have fun doing the last few :)

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