Cymre’s 6.x Wish List

A reference post as I work my way through the Draenor expansion. Items are based on what I still need to upgrade (unless it’s a transmog item).

Hellfire Citadel (675 to 685)

Felfume Robes – Archimonde

Felfume Mantle – Mannoroth
Leggings of Wasted Flesh
Fel-Light Lantern

Mantle of Unrestrained Contempt – Tyrant Velhari
Felfume Gloves

Felfume Slippers – Xhul’horac

Bindings of Imminent Fury – Residual Energy

Phantasmal Cummerbund – Shadow-Lord Iskar
Ensnared Orb of the Sky
Demonspine Wand

Gloves of Great Engorgement – Gorefiend
Felfume Pantaloons
Soulcult Ritual Staff

Demonhorn Spike – Kilrogg Deadeye

Goop-Proof Gloves – Kormrok

Double-Padded Slippers – Iron Reaver

Apexis (675)

(4,000 + 10,500 + 17,000 + 17,000)

Ethereal Windcrystal Wraps
Ethereal Windcrystal Cord

Rukhmar (665)

Solarflare Legwraps

Blackrock Foundry (655)

Furyheart Talisman*** – The Blast Furnace
Ebonflame Leggings

Thundersmash Gloves***- Kromog

Ebonflame Grips – The Iron Maidens

Flamestoker Wraps – Blackhand

Drov the Ruiner / Tarlna the Ageless (650)

Quadripedal Grips ***

Highmaul (640)

Sterilized Handwraps – The Butcher

Captured Arcane Fragment – Twin Ogron


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