Highmaul Raid Mission

The other day I was excited to get my first Highmaul Raid mission but I wasn’t going to send off any followers until I was confident of the success rate. When I first saw the mission I had a success rate of 84%. Pretty good but I didn’t want to risk it.

The main issue was not having the right followers at the optimum gear level so I could counter all six threats. Over the next few days, I tried to gather all the upgrades I could to pump up the follower I was lacking. At the time, I could only counter five threats so I looked at who could counter the last two and not just one. This would guarantee a 100% success rate so it was worth considering. I brought Millhouse out of early retirement and started working on his gear. Luckily he wasn’t too far off the mark but a few points here and there worked a treat.

The Stables were quickly demolished for the War Mill (again) to help with any follower upgrades – mainly to help with any redundant items from the Salvage Yard. By the time the forth day rolled around, the mission started moving up the expiration list so I knew I was running out of time but that night I was ready.


Since I haven’t stepped into the raid yet, I knew I would be getting a normal Cache of Highmaul Treasures with some ilvl 655 loot inside. As a whole, garrison missions have been good to me as I’ve been able to collect a couple of chestpieces, weapons and even bracers – all 645 quality. Now the wait was finally over. It turned out to be Kargath’s Last Link which would have been a great upgrade if I didn’t already have the one from the legendary chain and the Seal of Yen Ta (thanks to Cool’s Salvage Yard).

Never-the-less, I’m glad I have three followers to counter this mission (if I happen to get it again) and wonder if I’ll get the other ones any time soon.

For anyone else who’s had one of these raid missions, how did yours go? Did you have the right set of followers to counter all threats and was the item at least useful?

Author: Cymre

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  1. Oh wow, you are way ahead of me. I think my highest followers are wearing iLevel 622. Cat really needs to spend more resources at her War Mill. Hope that mission rolls around again for you!

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    • If you’re doing the legendary chain for the 150 shards you can get them from your Work Orders as well. Nice little bonus there.

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    • Yep, I’ve seen a few of those upgrades which are nice. I know the raid ones are supposed to be fairly rare though. They just want people to have a bit of an edge stepping into the raids.

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