A Hit & A Miss

A few days ago, I noticed a tweet from Jeremy Feasel which stated Doctor Krastinov will now spawn in non-LFG scholomance. OMG! You mean I had been solo checking scholo each day for nothing? For the longest time, I would enter the instance and mind vision one of the mobs in the Butcher’s room but it seems until now, it wasn’t even possible for him to spawn this way.

Since then, I’ve been clearing my way down past Rattlegore since it appears you need to kill him before the doctor has a chance to spawn. It’s day 3 since the hotfix but there’s still no luck on my solo clears.

Doctor isnt in

Meanwhile, I’ve been wanting to give Erinys another go after my initial attempt on the beta. I’ve read about people taking her on in groups of three or even making raids to mass clear the cavern but Cool and I were done within 10mins. I have to say, I was expecting it to take a lot longer with just two people.

Erinys fight

I’m just glad to knock off one more thing off my list even if I can’t complete the quest ’til next month.

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  1. I think it’ll be a few levels before I can go looking for the doctor solo but at least now it’s good to know the doctor might be in!

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    • I’ve been soloing Scholo for around 6 months… lol everyday… Not so happy :P

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