Watcher’s Crusade

Whenever I think of the Burning Crusade, I remember the clown gear which defined an expansion and the Watcher’s Tunic I no longer own. Since I’ve never been a fan of orange, I would have DE’ed it for room but it was only later when I realised what a special item it was. I mean, the sleeves change colour based on the undershirt or gloves below so when Dragonray’s latest challenge arose, it gave me the perfect opportunity to give this shirt some face time.

Watcher Tunic

Without an undershirt, the sleeves come off as this weird flesh-coloured material – Silence of the Lambs anyone?

Tunic shirts

What a difference a shirt can make.

I deliberately chose the Shadow Council Gloves so it wouldn’t detract from the cut of the sleeves but if you add a longer pair of gloves, you get a much busier design. Most of the time, I don’t like breaking the sleeve line so I generally go for gloves who tuck underneath like the Gladiator’s Mooncloth Gloves below.

Watcher gladiator

Since I could only use BC gear for the challenge, I was able to create this kit fairly quickly using the filtering system in MogIt.

With no armour rules to follow, my clothie could have worn anything from leather to plate but I thought I should check all cloth options first. In the end, I settled on the shadow gloves for a slightly subtler look because that’s how I roll.

Watcher shadowsubtle

Plaguewatcher’s Garb
Exorcist’s Dreadweave Hood, Plagueheart Shoulderpads, Watcher’s Tunic, Red Swashbuckler’s Shirt, Shadow Council Gloves, Girdle of Ruination, Leggings of the Seventh Circle, Plagueheart Sandals, Feral Staff of Lashing

Author: Cymre

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  1. o.O an entry!! Very nice! Thank you for the post – have added your image to my folder of wonder :)

    You are right, that shirt is amazing that is changes colours. If only we had noticed originally :p

    I am not sure being able to wear any armour class makes it easier…but I had trouble when I was trying to throw something together myself…too many choices! heheeh

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    • A folder of wonder? Makes me wonder what else you have in there…

      I always go for the same armour class unless a certain piece gives me what I want (like those super posts).

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  2. Plagueheart was T3, vanilla gear, but probably falls into the correct ilvl. It looks great though!

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    • That was my mistake since I selected 58-70. In the words of Dragonray “don’t get nitpicky with me”. Then again, if I’m the only entrant, I may just win by default.

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