Bucket List for Pandaria

As bucket lists go, I don’t have a huge amount I want to do but it was only in the last week or so, I mentioned to Cool how much I like using my pali’s Thalassian Charger and Argent Warhorse on my priest. I mean, it’s the closest thing to the Argent Charger without being a paladin so when he asked if I had one I had to double-check. It turns out I didn’t which makes sense because after grinding out all the pets and mounts back in Wrath, I was burnt out from spending any more time in that place. Well, that was all about to change.

Thalassian Charger

I flew to the tournament already dreading the grind since I could only collect 2x Champion Seals a day so I thought I would need to open up all the faction dailies for the other Champion Seal quests. It turns out I only needed to be a champion for my own capital city. Woot!

Once I could do all the quests in the southernmost hut, it became pretty easy collecting 11x seals per day. I even tried the heroic dungeon after some encouragement from Saz and Sparklebeastly but the jousting still took me a while. It was hard to keep them down after knocking them off their mounts. Well, hard without being mounted myself anyway.

As soon as I hit 100 seals, I went straight for the vendor.

Argent Charger

Now with one less thing to do, I’ll be spending some time levelling the rest of my pets (or as many pets as I can) before the expansion and hopefully take down Mingus Diggs in Brawler’s Guild to complete my shirt collection. I was pretty close to doing it the other day but I just need to perfect my strat.

Unfortunately, Doctor Theolen Krastinov from Scholo is still on the list, even though I’m checking every day. I swear he just doesn’t exist!

A normal or flex Garrosh kill would be nice without having to resort to OpenRaids or similar so until then, hope you’re making good progress on your own bucket lists.

Edit: There was one I forgot to mention – I been trying to get Rabble, Rabble, Rabble for the longest time and was excited to see someone spamming the achievement just after I arrived in Org. At the time, they only needed five more bodies and it only took less than a minute before I saw the following: “portal is now up [so] get it while you can’.


I couldn’t have flown any faster and started recording just before I reached the portal to Stormwind. OMG, it lagged my game for a few seconds! I know the portal stays up for a few minutes so I thought I was still good on time and when I went to thank Pengali for spamming chat, he said I was lucky because the portal disappeared just after I clicked it. :)

Now to see how many toys I can collect before Tuesday.

Author: Cymre

Disc priest and relic hunter who loves collecting achievements, silver dragon shots and all things pets. You may know me as Cymre Brightblade. Catch all the pet battle strategies on my YouTube channel - CymreJones

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  1. Looking good on that mount!

    I made a commitment to myself MONTHS ago that I would get the mounts I didn’t have from the tournament. Yeah, no mounts, not a one. I’m not very reliable am I.

    Apparently Cym’s more reliable than my crew!

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    • There’s still a little bit of time before it gets busy again. :)

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  2. I did but had forgotten about it. There’s usually other things I want to do anyway! It’s true though, raiders can plow through the ranks now and it would be a lot more challenging when you don’t have a gear advantage.

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