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When Blizzard said there’d be lucrative treasure missions in the garrison, they weren’t kidding. I’ve been able to collect Archmage Vargoth’s Staff, the Supreme Manual of Dance, a Hearthstone Strategy Guide and Autographed Hearthstone Card – just to name a few.

Since then, I’ve had numerous other quests which offer some pretty nice rewards like the 1000x Apexis Crystals below –  a new form of currency (used to purchase anything from pets to armour).

rare missions

Now take a closer look at that level 98 rare mission above. Notice anything interesting?

OMG! They’re Halaa tokens but look at how many you get as a reward!!

All I needed was a high enough follower with the right ability to counter Minion Swarms. Luckily, Abu’gar was free and 2 levels above the requirement so I was guaranteed success.

So even though a few expansions have come and gone, it’s a little annoying to see the tokens still soulbound, meaning my collection of battle and research tokens are spread over several toons. Over the years, I’ve tried farming the rest but World PVP is pretty hard to come by these days so it’s never really worked out… ’til now.

I was curious to see how many tokens I actually had so I summoned my trusty butler to see the final tally. With an extra 23x Battle Tokens and 15x Research Tokens, I’m well on my way to collecting both mounts (on live).

Here’s what you need for both:

This means I’m only 47x Battle Tokens shy but knowing my luck, they’re probably sitting in my hunter’s bank right now. Maybe it’s time to farm those extra tokens after all… or wait until I get the mission again.

Edit: I managed to get the Halaa mission twice before the beta ended.

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  1. Never did get neithers of these mounts. Gonna have at least a coupla the team’s garrisons dedicated ta sending out the minions fer the phat lewts, so I figgers this quest’ll come up sooners or laters. Which’ll be pretty shiny.

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