Archaeology in Draenor

There are three new branches to uncover with experienced archaeologists able to dig up the Brittle Cartography Journal from 575.

Things to note:

  • Four active digsites will be up at any time.
  • Each location may be dug up 6 times giving you 5-9 fragments.
  • The fragment limit is still 200 so you’ll have to use them up pretty fast.
  • Common solves give 5 points


KeystoneArakkoa Cipher

Digsites include Lithic’s Rest and Bloodmane Valley in the Spires of Arak

Rare solve: Beakbreaker of Terokk, Ancient Nest Guardian

A number of jumping puzzles in the Spires of Arak can serve as an extra source of fragments and ciphers. Just keep an eye on your minimap for any yellow dots. As a bonus, you can loot them from level 1 and will provide 1 skill point.


Misplaced Scrolls – Skettis, Terrace of Dawn
Relic of the Outcasts – Skettis, Veil Zekk, Veil Terrok, Shadowglade, Nest of the Ravenspeaker, Sethekk Hollow
Smuggled Apexis Artifactstop of a tree, Murkbog
Sun-Touched Cache – two may be found in the Apexis Excavation site but only one is marked for Archaeology. The other contained garrison resources. I’ve included videos to the tricker locations.

Arakkoa Archaeology Fragment: Dreamcatcher, Burial Urn, Decree Scrolls, Solar Orb, Sundial, Talonpriest Mask, Outcast Dreamcatcher, Apexis Crystal, Apexis Hieroglyph, Apexis Scroll

Draenor Clan

Keystone: Draenor Clan Orator Cane

Digsites include two locations in the Elemental Plateau of Nagrand.

Rare Solve: Frostwolf Ghostpup, Headdress of the First Shaman

Draenor Clans Archaeology Fragment: Fang-Scarred Frostwolf Axe, Frostwolf Ancestry Scrimshaw, Wolfskin Snowshoes, Warsinger’s Drums, Screaming Bullroarer, Warsong Ceremonial Pike, Metalworker’s Hammer, Elemental Bellows, Blackrock Razor, Weighted Chopping Axe, Hooked Dagger, Barbed Fishing Hook, Calcified Eye In a Jar, Ceremonial Tattoo Needles, Cracked Ivory Idol



Keystone: Ogre Missive

Digsites include Stonecrag Gorge in Nagrand and the Overlook Ruins in Gorgrond

Rare Solves:  Sorcerer-King Toe Ring,  Warmaul of the Warmaul Chieftain

Ogre Archaeology Fragment: Ancestral Talisman, Flask of Blazegrease, Gronn-Tooth Necklace, Doomsday Prophecy, Stonemaul Succession Stone, Stone Manacles, Ogre Figurine, Pictogram Carving, Gladiator’s Shield, Mortar and Pestle, Eye of Har’gunn the Blind, Stone Dentures, Chimera Riding Harness, Imperial Decree Stele


Digging may spawn one of the mobs above which are dependent on the type of digsite. They will also spawn according to your level and drop extra fragments as well as a keystone on occasion.

Fragments still have an individual limit of 200. All pristine solves will be displayed in your Town Hall, much like the Seat of Knowledge for your Lorewalker rep grind.

Mine carts follower

In addition to dig sites and jumping puzzles, fragments can also be looted from your garrison mining carts. Carts will be available once you upgrade your mine to level 2 and have a follower assigned.



Two new factions are tied to archaeology:

Arakkoa Outcasts


Reputation will come from quests in the Arakkoa quest hub of Talador and the Spires of Arak.
Items of note include:

The Archaeology Fragment vendor and Quartermaster for the Arakkoa Outcasts are both located in Warspear – our faction city in Ashran.

Steamwhedle Preservation Society

Steamwheedle header

The archaeology branch of the Steamwheedle Cartel offers two pets at revered:

Stay tuned for any changes
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