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How to Beat Cymre Brightblade and the Other Draenor Tamers

Draenor will have six new tamers to battle – Ashlei, Gargra, Taralune, Vesharr, Tarr the Terrible and Cymre Brightblade. You will need to make sure you’ve beaten all the previous trainers before them. In addition to the Pet Menagerie, these seasoned trainers offer an excellent route to level some pets. This is the order I take when I need to level a couple of pets.


Gargra is located east of Grom’gar in Frostfire Ridge – see strategy (2 pet and Elekk team)


Wolfus (Beast) Bite, Call the Pack, Prowl
Fangra (Beast) Flurry, Dodge, Dazzling Dance
Wolfgar (Beast) Rip, Howl, Maul

Cymre Brightblade

It’s exciting to reveal my NPC is just one of the Grand Master Pet Tamers for Draenor. There have been a few changes since her first appearance in-game but her team proved quite challenging. Cymre is located at the Overlook Ruins in Gorgrond.

Cymre Brightblade Grand Master

Idol of Decay (Undead) Dark Rebirth, Swarm of Flies, Rot
Wishbright Lantern (Magic) Arcane Blast, Illuminate, Wish
Gyrexle (Mechanical) Launch Rocket, Railgun, Repair

Since she’s the hardest to beat this expansion, I’ve included some of my Cymre Brightblade strategies below (both work for an Elekk team):


Ashlei is standing on a plateau overlooking Embari Village in Shadowmoon Valley – see strategy.


Pixiebell (Magic) Arcane Blast, Moonfire, Life Exchange
Doodle (Plushie) Rawr!, Who’s The Best…, Nap Time
Tally (Beast) Hore Gore, Stampede, Headbutt


Vesharr is standing by the large hut in Veil Terokk in the Spires of Arak – see strategy.


Darkwing (Flying) Shadow Talon, Consume Corpse, Anzu’s Blessing
Great Kaliri (Flying) Quills, Caw, Slicing Winds
Apexian Construct (Mechanical) Batter, Entangling Roots, Feathered Frenzy


Taralune is located on the south side of Auchindoun in Taladar – see strategy.


Serendipity (Flying) Feedback, Cocoon Strike, Counterspell
Grace (Flying) Slicing Wind, Call Lightning, Moth Dust
Atonement (Flying) Alpha Strike, Nimbus, Moth Balls

Tarr the Terrible

Tarr is located in one of the buildings (just off the Ring of Trials pit) in Nagrand – see strategy.


Gladiator Deathy (Humanoid) Deep Breath, Clobber, Scorched Earth
Gladiator Murkalot (Humanoid) Punish, Falling Murloc, Shieldstorm
Gladiator Murkimus (Humanoid) Punch, Counterstrike, Heroic Leap

Each daily will reward 4x Pet Charms and some gold. I especially liked the priest-themed trainer in Talador and the adorable fey dragon in Shadowmoon Valley. As always, you can check out my teams and strategies on YouTube including my Power-Levelling Draenor Circuit.


Disc priest and relic hunter who loves collecting achievements, silver dragon shots and all things pets. You may know me as Cymre Brightblade. Catch all the pet battle strategies on my YouTube channel - CymreJones


August 20, 2014 at 9:20 pm

I can’t wait, I’ve been leveling random pets thinking it might be just the one I need for the new tamers. I’m afraid I’ll get there with some 300 odd 25s and the perfect one for a certain fight will still be level 6!

August 29, 2014 at 8:23 pm

Your NPC is looking really flash!

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